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    Your favourite socks

    Falke tE2 are comfortable. And well made. Not too thick or thin. Left and right feet. Dry quickly after washing.
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    How long to play tennis after tearing a calf muscle?

    Calf strains can take a few weeks up to four months. Yours sounds mild. Calf injuries are more likely if you a dehydrated or overtired. I would do plenty of strengthening and stretching exercises first for calf and Achilles’ tendon. If they feel good try a friendly session on court. Calf...
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I just played having strung up my 93p (18x20) with Ashaway Dynamite 17 mains and Grapplesnake Irukandje crosses 48/44. I really liked the results. Ample power, spin and touch for my game.
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    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    OK thanks.
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    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    Sorry -- I meant to add Isospeed Cream.
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    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    Hi there I notice that Tennis Warehouse has Isospeed 1.23 tennis strings on order. (due May 9th). Would you be able to stock that string too as well as the 1.28 you currently offer. I'm after multiple packets or even a reel if that is possible. The main TW site doesn't seem to do reels in the...
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    wide at mid foot

    Diadora Speed Star K Elite AG have a wide midfoot. I own a pair myself.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I tried Laserfibre Supreme 2 mains with Head Lynx Crosses (lime green) at 48/44. Looks good and plays well for me. Next time I think I could drop a few pounds to 46/42. I’ll keep dropping a few pounds until I reach what I feel is the optimum. I have a set of cream that I might try as well as...
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    Roger's Forehand • Three Frame Analysis

    I looked at that ‘I’m on your side’ vid in which the coach says the new forehand technique takes pressure off the player’s left knee. However, the player’s landing after his leap in the air seems to put a twist of the left knee right back in there again.
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    Prince Phantom

    I put on a leather grip and overgrip, vibration dampener, 2x2g lead strips either side of the strings at the tip, and 8g lead putty in the butt cap.. That works out at 11 points head light and a total strung weight of 353g.I have Laserfibre Supreme 2 in the mains and Tourna big hitter Silver in...
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    Prince Phantom

    I just started using a Phantom Pro 100. I have to say I really like it in all respects.
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    Laserfibre Official Account

    Would you describe Laserfibre smooth as a ‘soft’ copoly. How would it compare with Vorso in this regard? Vorso is listed on the TW stiffness scale as 181. Smooth is not listed.
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    Head Velocity

    At the moment I’m liking Laserfibre Supreme 2 mains and Velocity crosses in a Yonnex DR98 53/50
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    Slice slice baby.

    Great view of a very beautiful stroke. I notice he his racket comes at the ball on it edge and then turns at a late stage -- almost like a serve in reverse. I'd say that would be tricky to time properly.
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    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    Too narrow in the mid foot area. See posts above.