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    Novak The Man

    Djokovic gunning for the CYGS in that scenario too. I think Novak wins tomorrow, but I could see Djokovic losing at Wimbledon. I think Nadal will be dangerous again after losing at RG. I don't have much hope for a Federer win, but that said none of the players in the draw will want him anywhere...
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    Can Nadal win one more Wimbledon?

    I'll say one more. I truly believe it even though I would prefer it didn't happen.
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    Twitter Reacts To Epic Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal Match

    That's the biggest problem with Twitter and commentary in any sport in general, but particularly tennis. Everything present has to be best.
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    If it happens yes, but it won't. In 2016 he fulfilled a dream by winning RG and with it the career slam. A 2nd RG probably won't have the same effect.
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    Novak The Man

    I'll be most thankful to Stefanos if he can win on Sunday (I doubt it). Novak is more like meh whatever. He'll win over 20 slams most likely so I'm not too thankful. But I've long since accepted that. When 20 is broken by whoever it is you just say congrats and move on watching tennis.
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    Imagine Djokovic losing on Sunday and Fed taking Wimbledon

    Hopefully you're right. You were right about the match yesterday so hopefully you'll be right about this. :)
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    Lemme change like 4 points ;)

    Of course they exist. It's just that they've happened more against Wawrinka and Murray than Fedal, which leads people to forget about them since Wawrinka and Murray aren't in the "GOAT" race.
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    Credit to @vive le beau jeu ! :D Imagine there's no nadal, It's easy if you try, No clay below us, Only low bouncing carpet, Imagine all the players Playing entertaining tennis... Imagine there's no nadal It isn't hard to do No cheating to bear And no faking too Imagine all the players Playing...
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    Why did so many fans call it so wrong?

    Yeah he missed a few of those, but that doesn't exactly help the mental fortitude angle either. Truth is both guys had moments of frailty. Djokovic just had less so he won. Fair play to him.
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    Why did so many fans call it so wrong?

    I wouldn't oversell it that much tbh. It took a great mental effort to win the 3rd for sure, but it's not like he was a mental fortress. He played a nervous game at 5-4 even after getting up 30-0 (choking basically), was a point away from losing the set as you said. And then Nadal missed the...
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    Poll : Do you think Rafa can win at least one more RG?

    He's winning at least 2 more IMO. Who's going to stop him other than Djokovic every year, who is much more susceptible to an upset than Nadal is even after this match. Tsitsipas? I doubt it. Zverev and the rest of them? Forget it. EDIT: And I don't think Djokovic will beat him every year in a...
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    Federer back ahead of Rafa

    Berrettini Opens? ;)
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    Imagine Djokovic losing on Sunday and Fed taking Wimbledon

    Oh man. Don't start. :sick:
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    Imagine Djokovic losing on Sunday and Fed taking Wimbledon

    I'd be happy with just one of these 2 outcomes, whichever happens. No need to be greedy. :)
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    Will Federer still...

    I also heard that if you come at the king you best not miss. Well, Djokovic didn't miss that's for sure. He hit the bulls-eye. Pun somewhat intended.