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    Adding 27 grams to racquet grip. Alternatives to lead tape?

    For foam filled handles.... I prefer using various length wood screws per Bambooman's suggestion. I have found using screws is much easier to experiment with weights, and especially to remove, compared to lead, silicon, or blue tac because of the staples used to attach buttcaps.
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    PM sent

    PM sent
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    Swapping Head Pro Tour 2.0 Pallets?

    As esm said... I carefully marked mine then cut them to the desired length with a hacksaw.. Works fine and any rough edge is covered by the buttcap.
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    Gut / poly hybrid - same tension or differential?

    The stinging specs that I've read for the pros using hybrids of gut mains and poly crosses show they mostly run a little lower tensions in the poly crosses. Examples include Djok 2-3 lbs less and Fed 4-5 lbs less in their poly crosses. These guys employ some of the most knowledgeable stringers...
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    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    The new Pro Staff 100 V13 that I received from TW had a bare weight of 307.9 g and balance of 5 pts HL (advertised spec on card is 305 g and 12 pts HL). I strung it with Gamma 16 ga synthetic that I like to use as a reference point with new rackets and the strung weight is 322.4 g and bp is only...
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    Wilson Pro Staff v13 QC

    I just received a 100 in V13 from TW with a bare weight of 307.9 g and balance of 5 pts HL (advertised spec on card is 305 g and 12 pts HL). After stringing with 16 ga synthetic I like to use for racquet comparisons the strung weight is 322.4 g and bp is only 2 pts HL. Added 5 gm weight under...
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    My wife and I look forward to attending our first match of the season. GO TIGERS!!
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    It was my understanding that fans won't be allowed to attend Clemson matches this year unless you're an official guest of the team. Is that correct, or am I mistaken?
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    Blade V6 2021 (finally without CV)

    The original v6.0 Blade 98L 16x19 was also produced without CV. At 285 g and 4 pts head light it seems like that model would offer specs similar to a prostock and be a great platform racket for customization. Has anyone on here tried customizing the non-CV V6 98L and do you have mods and...
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    One racquet from each brand

    1.Babolat - 2017 Pure Strike 16M 2.Wilson - PS97 current favorite 3.Head - Speed MP 4.Prince - Graphite II MP 5.Tecnifibre - TFight 315 LTD DC 18
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    Hi Gamma Tech, I am considering driving an hour to look at a Gamma Es 6200 for sale that is...

    Hi Gamma Tech, I am considering driving an hour to look at a Gamma Es 6200 for sale that is supposed to be in "excellent". The asking price is $250 and I think that's about a 20 year old machine. Could you please offer your advice on what I should check out and whether that's a fair price...
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    Wilson - 6.1 Stretch vs 6.1 si Stretch

    I have a couple of each of the frames labeled 6.1 Stretch and 6.1 si Stretch. I can't tell any difference in them other than graphics and my si's have white butt caps while non-si's have black ones. I think I read in a thread on the 6.1's that the ones labeled with si were only a different...
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    Wilson 6.1 Prostaff Stretch Midplus 28" 18x20 opinions?

    I probably served my best with the 6.1 PS Classic Stretch back in the day when I could handle them. Ground strokes were solid too, and I felt that the extra length gave the effect of a lower flex than the standard length counterparts. The trade-off with the Stretch was my reaction time at the...
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    Rublev testing Head blackout

    Yeah, I noticed the red showing through the black PJ in a close-up during Rublev vs Evans (tiebreaker) this week in Dubai. Seems Head wouldn't bother to provide a prostock with custom Gravity PJ if they were then going to paint it black. Is he just playing a customized retail Gravity???
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    Favorite WOOD frame of all time

    Another vote for the Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff. My transition from wood to graphite reinforced frames began with the Head Vilas... what a beauty! I still have examples of both as well as some Dunlop Maxply's, and others from my favorite era of tennis.