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    Great transaction with DLW

    DLW was great to deal with in a racket trade we just completed. All communications with him were prompt along with an accurate description of racket condition and a quick shipment with tracking info. Thank you DLW!
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    FS: Wilson kSix One 95 (18x20)

    Sent you an email on a TF trade offer.
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    Favorite WOOD frame of all time

    Another vote for the Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff. My transition from wood to graphite reinforced frames began with the Head Vilas... what a beauty! I still have examples of both as well as some Dunlop Maxply's, and others from my favorite era of tennis.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    The 100L sounds like a v7 replacement for the 99 Team/Steam that has been used successfully by Halep, Ferrer, Ostapenko (18main) and others. They seem to do pretty well with these stiff platform frames.
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    Hi dmcb101, I already bought two of the 98L (no counterveil) rackets with the intention of...

    Hi dmcb101, I already bought two of the 98L (no counterveil) rackets with the intention of weighting them as you have. Would you mind sharing how much weight in the hoop (and where) and how much in the handle you found necessary to add to your rackets to bring them up to the standard 98...
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    damicm is an AWESOME seller!

    "damicm" provided great photos and quick communication of details about his racket that I was interested in purchasing. Two days later I received my racket in exact condition as he described. I highly recommend purchasing from "damicm". Thanks man!
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    Wanted: Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black non-CV

    I have purchased a Pro Staff 97 Black 4 3/8 from a TT'er. I'll play with this one for a while then decide whether to purchase more. Thanks for the responses.
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    Halep testing Blades

    I read in another thread that the Blade Team 99 is the same racquet as, or replacement for, the Wilson Steam 99 if you're looking to try one. Supposedly the only difference is that the Blade Team mold no longer has the grooves on the inside of the hoop at 5 and 7 o'clock like the Steams had...
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    Wanted: Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black non-CV

    Just to clarify... I am not looking for the the heavier Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Thank you!
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    Wanted: Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black non-CV

    Would like condition to be 8.5 or better, prefer 4 3/8 grip, but consider 1/4 & 1/2. Please send info to dmcelhan@aol THANKS!
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    There is no better racquet then the Wilson RF 97a, won't you agree?

    Any recommendations for a lighter Wilson racquet that's otherwise comparable to the RF97A?
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    Tension suggestion for Volkl Cyclone Tour 16 on a Wilson PS 6.1 Classic Stretch

    I think my 6.1 Classic Stretch and 25th Anniversary 18 main racquets all play boardy at higher tensions. I like multis in mine at 50# max, but that's just my pp.
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    FS/FT Wilson Blade Team 99 x 2

    Sent you a request for pics.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    You may be correct.... and I was just checking in here to see if there were any updates on the search for a new coach. Desdunes and Berger have some pretty impressive resumes including their playing careers and later in player development. I'd be pretty excited to hear that either of those...