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    Tennis TV

    Best browser for Tennis TV IMO is Internet Explorer.
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    Its not the end

    Add 2015 to that list too... If the USO somehow speeds up next year, there's a chance, at 38 no less, Connors got to the semis at 39...
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    Why has Dimitrov been so poor since winning WTF?

    There's still hope for Dimi, if he hangs around long enough and makes a few changes. The serve needs tweaking for sure, maybe even overhauling, a smoother, more economical motion, with proper slice and topspin technique, and a better ball toss, maybe even shorten it, and use more RHS. Also, like...
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    French Open 2018 semifinal :- Dominic Thiem[7] vs M. Cecchinato

    I would have to agree with all you've put. His BH DTL was terrible during the match, and always seems to be the shot he loses when tight; just shows how much Nole was in the zone during 2011. But, (dare I say) the elbow problems might just be behind him now, and his serve is looking a lot better...
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    French Open 2018 semifinal :- Dominic Thiem[7] vs M. Cecchinato

    Nole was too passive in general throughout the match. (even desperate at times) I think his abilty is there, fitness is getting there, but mentally not quite tuned in just yet.
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    Never thought I'd miss Andy Murray that much

    It's surprising that Muzz did better in 2011, although he played quite poorly in '14; '15 and '16 versions might have pushed it to 5.
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    2018 RG QF Melesmania: Thieminator vs He Who Must Not Win

    Thieminator too good over Bo5 for Sascha.
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    I want Federer calves!

    Well, he is the dum tis
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    2018 French Open 1/4 finals : Zverev vs Thiem

    Thieminator in 4. There's only so much you can do on a versa climber...Jez:D
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    Federer Confidential

    Good stuff, very interesting. :) Episode 4 coming soon...?
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    New tennis shoes killing me feet

    It sounds like your shoes are a bit tight for width, or the arches are a bit high. Perhaps wear them as much as you can to break them in more; it takes me around 10 hours (sometimes more) to break mine in, while my feet ache in the process.
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    SW Doesn't get a seeding at FO, is that a bad thing?

    If you are unable to play, why should the reason (s) for being unable to play matter? The top ten WTA players could all have babies at the same time, and return to the tour at the same time demanding special treatment. (maybe having their rankings protected, and have seedings for majors etc)...
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    Underhand Serve Rafa?

    It'd a be a highly effective dropshop..:D A different approach might be necessary to beat, or at least make matches closer against a 10 time champ...