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    Will you cop the re-released Wilson K Six One 95 (18x20)?

    I'm using 2017's now (and love them) but would like a few more frames. I played with K95's back in the day and liked them, they could hit a mean ball. What really appeals to me about all 6.1 95's is how controllable they are but there's huge power in reserve when you want or need to just crush...
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    Balanced slam distribution is better? Think again

    Yes 20 years ago. You would have had to master very different skills to win on grass v clay or even slow hard. Almost irrelevant now.
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    Will you cop the re-released Wilson K Six One 95 (18x20)?

    I'm very tempted to buy a few, are grommets available for them? The original K95's were basically sledge hammers.
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    Solved - why Europeans dominate tennis

    Maybe the middle class parents who would traditionally pay for tennis have less disposable cash these days and/or are aware of how futile it is. There's always an element of luck too. The best coaching system can't create a Roger Federer.
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    Federer 'won't be destroyed' if Nadal beats his grand slam record

    Weeks at no.1 is totally overrated. Once you're there, it's in your hands - you just have to not lose. To stay at say, no.14, for years would be a much more impressive feat.
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    The Pros are going to have to start playing with wooden racquets again

    You're making it sound more complex than it is - you just have a list of ATP/ITF approved string materials.
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    The Pros are going to have to start playing with wooden racquets again

    Wouldn't work that way - courts are slower and balls heavier. You would obviously test it on small tourneys first and find what works. Agree some great matches recently but that's because we have 3 all time greats in the game chasing records. When they're gone, tennis is gonna be in serious...
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    The Pros are going to have to start playing with wooden racquets again

    You could say the same thing about PED's. Everyone is running faster, hitting the ball harder - that's progress right? I don't know why the tennis world thinks regulating tech is so out there. Most other sports do. FINA banned those swimsuits. Metal baseball bats. Etc etc. Wooden racquets is...
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    Rod Laver - Nick Kyrgios should be suspended

    Banning someone who can fill a stadium and get tv ratings would be moronic. Some other sports have to stage the controversy he creates. Tennis is sleepwalking towards a cliff edge, when fedal retire it's freefall time. Guess laver would have wanted McEnroe / Connors banned back in the day, that...
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    Rod Laver - Nick Kyrgios should be suspended

    So ban the only non big 3 player the general public has any interest in when the big 3 are reaching the end of their careers. There's a winning strategy.
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    Consequences of stringing outside of recommended tension range?

    He's outdated with string tech. You're right to be stringing poly low, especially on an 18x20. Poly usually works best at lower tensions, even pros do that. String it in the 50's and it will like a board and make arm pain worse. A better solution for your arm would be to use softer strings...
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    Novak should be ashamed

    Stan would have been very happy to finish early and get off the court. It's only a 4th round. A short match in a slam is striking gold. Crowds never give Djokovic much respect. Why would he carry on and risk worsening the injury for a bunch of douches booing him?
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    US Open Status

    Wimbledon is the most prestigious but also the least relevant for tennis. The artful net play which made grass tennis great has gone - it's now a bumpy, slippery hard court. Not much net play, not many good rallies. Pointless. AO has become my favorite slam.