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    Dan Evans- could use a more powerful racquet?

    IDK why people think the 6.1 is a low power frame? Every version packs a serious punch. The PSC, K and Hyper versions were raw and brutally powerful, especially as 16x18. It’s the hairy chested, big block V8 of tennis rackets.
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    The best looking forehands

    It just never got boring. Karatsev hits a beautiful strike with a nice THWACK sound too.
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    I have never liked Tsits for all the usual reasons but he’s now crossed that line to become almost a pantomime villain. Everyone hates him and that deserves respect.
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    An Ode to Stan Wawrinka

    I’m being a smartass here but does some junk food cause inflammation in a super fit athlete with high muscle mass/low bodyfat? With calories in range and taking in required nutrients, the rest would be processed efficiently as energy? Legend has it Phelps munched through loads of pizzas every...
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    Medvedev is MUCH better than Djokovic in Bo5 in hot conditions

    The heat at the last Miami crushed med so bad he was struggling to walk!
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    LOVE 18x20 pattern for everything EXCEPT Serving

    Switching to thinner string can cut a surprising amount of weight, especially in an 18x20. I bought a used frame with thick looking (dunno exact gauge) Babolat poly, restrung with 18g and it was 10g lighter. I thought it was bad QC before cutting them.
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    What's in between a Head Pro Tour 630 and Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95?

    Gravity Pro packs a heavy punch similar to the Wilson but with a softer feel. Very easy transition from a six one. You might not like the size/shape of the thing but worth a try.
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    On a scale of 1-10 how did Berrettini play today vs Novak?

    You guys are harsh! First time in a slam final on centre court, playing a GOAT. Obviously didn’t play lights out but put up a good fight to the end. Took defeat with class. 7.0.
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    Someone said, "Federer is not an athlete..."

    Obviously Fed is naturally very athletic, has excellent cardio etc. That’s not debatable. But I get his point. Is he in incredible shape? Hell no. Does he possess any amazing attributes in terms of speed, strength, flexibility etc? No. He is a phenomenally skilled tennis player but he doesn’t...
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    Kyrgios is a legendary loser

    I’m not entertained. Ugo Humbert vs FAA would have been a way better third round.
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    Kyrgios is a legendary loser

    He should put up or shut up. Hire an ass-kicker coach like Lendl, put the Rocky music on and train as hard as a navy seal for 18mths. See what happens. Or just go. The shtick is boring now.
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    Medvedev has randomly become underrated

    AO final was a reality check and bump back to earth. Everyone expected Med to push Djoker hard (I did), a lot had him as favorite. He will win a slam in the next few years.
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    What In The World Is An "Abdominal Injury"? This Is Wimbledon. You Bite The Bullet And Play On.

    I’ve injured abs in workouts after not warming up properly / using sketchy technique. It sucks and would stop you playing tennis properly. Maybe it’s bad luck, more likely poor preparation/conditioning given it’s Nick
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    Greatest Choke of All Time? (Poll)

    Lisicki vs Bartoli 2013 Wimbledon is worth a mention. I felt so sorry for Sabine. 40-15 from a tennis perspective was barely even a choke. Fed tightened up a little bit (as any mortal would do serving for a GS) and would have got away clean if it wasn’t for the beast on the other side. It’s not...