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    Poly colors' effect on feel

    FWIW, A highly regarded teaching pro told me he really likes RPM Blast Rough in Green, lively and plays great. It's his favorite poly currently, recommends it highly. (Given that Hyper-G is also green, it appears that the coloring additive to the polyester material has a positive effect on...
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    New 'modern' forehand

    Re: Evolution of modern forehand technique This discussion reminds me of a quote that was attributed to Mike Agassi (paraphrasing): He, wisely understood, that he needed to develop (for Andre) the tennis techique that would be state of the art 10 years into the future, as the current manner of...
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    How do you demo tennis rackets w/o your regular string setup?

    I have asked this same question to both manufactuer's sales reps and cannot really demo a racquet properly or fully with a poor quality or old string job. At one retailer they agreed to string a racquet with my string and tension, if I supplied the string, just charging me for...
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    Ok to cut adult racket down to a kids size 25?

    I cut my duaghter's Head Graphene Instinct XT MP (4 1/8 inch grip) down an inch, to 26" for my son. She had worn the racquet out, meaning it had gone too soft for her hard hitting game, lasted about a year for her. I took off the end cap by removing the staples. Got out the hacksaw, measured an...
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    Is there really THAT high incidence of arm pain with APD 2013?

    I have been doing an informal survey of competitive junior players with wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries. In every case that I have encountered the player who was injured was using a Babolat racquet, usually AeroPro's or Pure Drives. The juniors love the power, and some pay the price. Our...
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    Pure Strike Tour!!!

    Would like to share my perspective on the Pure Strike Tour. Demoed a couple of different ones to test how it plays with different strings/tensions. Played great with syn gut at mid to low tension, played like crap with Origin at mid tension, too stiff for me. Bought one and strung with VS...