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    Emma Raducanu is now the second-favourite to win SPOTY.

    Clearly the British tennis fan who created the thread. And apparently some folks are betting on it. She’s got a bit of pop culture momentum, that’s for sure.
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    How many tennis players can run one mile in under 5 minutes 30 seconds?

    Agreed. Serious distance training is just not great for you (obvious cardiovascular benefits aside). Ryan Hall (former top American marathoner) is a great example of the quality of life improvements that come from switching away from long distance running. I used to run a sub 5 mile in college...
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    The logistics and despair of demoing rackets [rant]

    Yeah, I would just make your best guess, buy a used one, see if you like over a long period -- if so, order a few more, don't think about it again for a few years. If not, resell at a very minor loss and repeat the process again.
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    Is Sascha Zverev now the "locker room #1"?

    For me it's all about what's between the ears with Z - which can definitely get better with more maturity - but especially confidence. He's got the physicality and the game to sit at the top of the rankings as Novak and Rafa slow with aging, and a win or two at a Slam would probably go a long...
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    Djokovic in career best form

    A player's "peak level" and a player's "peak results" don't always align. Important to remember for this thread, as I think that applies to Novak this year.
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    Players struggling with heat in Tokyo. Does it make sense??

    I’m here. It’s freakin hot. The humidity is insane and therefore the heat index is crazy high. Ariake (the stadium/center where they are playing) holds heat and doesn’t get much wind. Tokyo in general has little green vegetation so the effect of heat is worse here, ie, it’s hotter than the temp...
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    Dear lord, who hired Chanda Rubin?

    Not at all, I just meant he’s just showing his age a bit. I grew up listening to him, I think he’s been great.
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    Olympic Tennis Is A Farce. Players Like Nagal Do Not Belong.

    Point of the Olympics is to identify what country is best at each sport, right? So, it does that. It doesn’t matter if the top five players in the world are all from Liechtenstein, and the world number #5 gets excluded. That‘s how Olympic trials work before the Games. It’s the same concept for...
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    Dear lord, who hired Chanda Rubin?

    Maybe the 40 years part, at this point in time.
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    Big three scalps in slam finals

    I forgot about that too; I was just thinking Nishikori. That might have been the match where the tennis media decided Fed would never win again because the one hander was obsolete.
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    Big three scalps in slam finals

    I was thinking about all those Big 3 semis when I saw the list. Nice addition. I think the original post is stronger without the Big 3 in it. Then it just shows the three outside slam winners in their combined era, minus the “vultures” Cilic and Thiem. Who I think are great. But still vultures.
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    Big three scalps in slam finals

    Those are the names. Of all the players who have done so.
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    Admit it, most of society is pissed Djokovic has overtaken Fedal. No one thought it would be done

    For me, I've come around to Novak as GOAT. It'll probably even be a pretty good gap after the the next three years. I don't think I'll ever root for him, though. His fans seem to have this trollish, confrontational style to them--they can't be happy with their guy winning and just enjoy it...
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    Tsitsipas on his loss to Djokovic at French open 2021

    Agreed. The advantage here is actually to the experienced athlete, to a point at least. Citybus needs more time to build that bulletproof physicality. He for sure ran out of gas and lost that CC forehand zip.
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    Surely someone has bought a Clash 100S by now?

    You can find more about this in the bigger Clash threads, but I’ve always felt that lead at 12 or above the grip is okay for the Clash line, but I didn’t like lead at 3/9 on the Clash. I’ve got a 98 and I have a few grams at the tip and it’s very stable on volleys - the clash tech seems...