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    Racquet Bag got Cat Peed on

    Have you tried the pet solutions? nature's miracle for example, not sure how it technically works but i think it's supposed to bond with the pee and you can wipe it off... one go might not be enough but i do use it regularly on fabric, i have an older cat who leaks small amounts
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    Diadem Sports Racquets

    while not completely related to the racquets themselves, it is part of the experience for racquet customization (there's a couple other videos from Tennis Haus when he visited Diadem) At Diadem HQ, they now have a new camera/sensor system...
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    Diadem Sports Racquets

    The copper things are high density foam, this is the new gen cross section (should be similar across all racquets), the last picture is from the previous gen racquet, without the FS system... can see their "Rib" system too
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    Wanted: Head Pro Tour 2.0 - 4 1/2

    it's on sale right now from tw... just in case you didn't know
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    WTB: Yonex tour F 93 or 97 L3

    Anyone has decent shape Yonex Tour F 93 or 97 in grip size 3? I'm located in NJ Thanks! please pm here and will provide email to send pictures to
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    For those of you wanting a soup to nuts course on stringing, Richard Parnell has something for you...

    oh my, i've been so busy and still haven't completed the first one to send you guys a video yet, don't tempt me already! But for real :) keep up the good work
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    Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Bag - Quick Review

    the middle or main compartment doesn't have a divider kind of thing right? from their video it looks like there isn't one and you can fit a racquet right in the middle compartment... i know this looks like one of those locker type bags but without the divider... it's just a regular bag with...
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    New TW Bags looking nice!!

    based on the similarity, i wonder if the duffel material is also weather resistant similar to tec's tarp material
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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    which one is the EU dealer?
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    Dunlop Swingweight Machine Calibration?

    so did the OEM get a better contract for dunlop and stopped selling to alpha? noticed alpha discontinued the accuswing... dangit, was just debating to invest in one but suddenly instead of 850 it's over a grand =(
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    Replacement Grip with a long tapered start to avoid getting a lump at the buttcap.

    Practice makes perfection, assuming you're only using one specific type of grip, just make one a dummy and practice it over and over with until you get perfection there's only a few things to pay attention to when it comes to creating "lumps"... how tightly you wrap etc doesn't affect it as...
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    Vibration dampener, vibrations and feel

    Keep in mind that different racquet/string pattern with different string to string distance (sometimes i get a bit OCD, sorry) will affect how well a dampener works. try rotating your dampeners 90 degrees (ie, tw logo dampener) and on different racquets, it just sounds completely different...
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    Babolat starting clamp

    sorry what's GSS? looking to get another starting clamp as 1 of my current 2 is starting to slip a little (both gamma) and is considerably weaker spring force compared to the other
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    For those of you wanting a soup to nuts course on stringing, Richard Parnell has something for you...

    I signed up! how would i find out if i was lucky enough to be the first 20 :)? Thanks for the info! While I agree i don't think it'll help business exactly, it is a fairly small circle within my area at least, and i think this might earn me some "i'm right, you're wrong" bragging rights... XD