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    Do college players play in tournaments over the summer like they did in juniors?

    I use to play open tournaments over the summers when I was playing college tennis. Some back home, some in the town where my school was, or wherever I was working for the summer. I played at regionally ranked a D3 school, but the competition at the tournaments was often higher than a lot of the...
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    Is Djokovic deserving of pity?

    Boris is my all time fave, but he craves the attention that he gets, and its never enough for him.
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    93" 18x20 Classics?

    The KBlade Tour in my opinion is the best playing of all the Blade 93's. I was not a fan of BLX follow up. It felt too mushy compared to the K Factor
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    Did Becker have the potential to be on par with Borg?

    As mentioned before Beckers mindset hindered him. As a huge Becker fan, I would get frustrated with his stubbornness of trying to beat baseline players from the baseline, mainly Agassi. I do believe that if could have broken through at least once in a clay tournament (any clay tournament) his...
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    New Mardy Fish doc on Netflix

    Yeah I immediately recognized that video! It was a popular video for my coaches since they were all Van Der Meer trained! m My favorite part of that video is when the guy totally Pac Mans his racquet against the net post!
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    The way Djokovic went down in straight sets tells me something was up

    Even GOATs have injuries, have off days... Shows just how difficult it is to win them all.
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    Steffi had what Serena & Nole lacked

    To be fair, both Steffi and Djokovic played the same amount of sets in their respective USO Grand Slam Finals. She just won two of hers!
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    There's you blueprint servebots

    If I recall, Pete fired a lot of 2nd first serves when he played Andre in the 1990 USO Final. Or at least it seemed like he did...
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    The big 3 have won too much. Enough already !

    Until they step up in a slam, they will still be behind... Best of 3 at the Olympics is one thing, Best of 5 in a slam is another...
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    3 x Laver Cup holder vs 1 x Laver Cup holder

    Sounds like the one kid in the class that didn't get invited to the birthday party, and is justifying why he's OK with it
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    Broken String Photos?

    Never in all my days as a player/stringer have I thought about taking a picture of broken strings...
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    Tsitsipas vs Rothenberg press

    Well that makes more sense. I'd feel disrespected too if someone I was playing took my serve from a foot behind the service line and treated it like an easy approach shot!
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    Tsitsipas vs Rothenberg press

    I don't remember SABR being deemed disrespectful... It was just chipping and charging. If thats the case then Edberg should be the most hated player in history!
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    Why were the New Yorkers booing Djokovic at the end of the match?

    Come on its not that hard to figure out... They were chanting Ruuuuune as he was leaving the court. It was a show of respect for staying out there and leaving it all out on the court, against all odds...