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    Jimmi Connors FH - and we are making rocket science of the stroke.

    This is saying theres more lag in the Connors stroke?
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    What muscles are key to hitting big forehands?

    Thiem has a bigger ass than the girls on instagram, does that answer your question? But in all seriousness, being able to train this I dont know. Theres a product online called the "power flail" that looks interesting. Because it seems the power move is essentially thrusting the hips violently...
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    Best thing I did for my game-

    Does anyone actually do that beside the pros? From my username I swapped to a 20x18 350g full bed of babolat blast and my strings now last around a year
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    The best word to describe Wawrinka groundstrokes....

    I tried to copy Wawrinkas technique, but people said I looked more like tomic :,(
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    ET's Ian vs Tennistroll

    For intimidation you gotta go either way, full pony tail or full bald. Ain't nobody gonna **** with shroud, least they cop a helicopter lasso backhand to the cheek.
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    ET's Ian vs Tennistroll

    You underestimate the psychological intimidation of the ponytail and sweatpants
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    ET's Ian vs Tennistroll

    Completely agree with you - I wouldn't call Ian a junk baller at all. Green shirt guy is what a junk baller looks like imo
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    ET's Ian vs Tennistroll

    His fh form is a bit weird too imo. But he's got a good all round game, I'm especially impressed by his volleys and overheads. His baseline shots are more and proble against those recent guys he's lost to imo, not enough power. Also the fact they can attack his serve but he can't attack theirs
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    ET's Ian vs Tennistroll

    God watching someone sprain their ankle is one of the cringiest things, I have to look away. Why do you keep showing your ankle twisting every 5 minutes Ian!
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    ET's Ian Vs Green Shirt Hacker

    No comments that he got crushed 6-1 6-1? Looked like he should have targeted the guys backhand way more to me. His forehand was killer, his backhand was too but only went in half the time He did manage to showcase some epic volleys and overheads though. But i think he needs to use them more...
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    ET's Ian Vs Green Shirt Hacker

    it will be real curious to see how it pans out, the actual match vs what tt forum members think
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    Good videos

    hope someone tells Jack Sock too!
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    ET's Ian Vs Green Shirt Hacker

    Ian is pretty good at the net and with overheads, so i think he'll win against this type of player
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    4.5-5.0 Match vs pusher

    ahh those first two games hurt to watch. Your pace wasn't hurting him. Slow courts or slow balls maybe? It's hard to know what to do then, some players just have a distinct advantage in certain situations
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    What produces a "heavy ball"

    Dominic Thiem