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    Gold Vapors

    Has anyone seen Feds gold Wimbledon shoes for auction anywhere online or in person......niketown maybe?
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    Happy B-day Pete!!

    Greatest of all time
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    Agassi never takes shower ....

    Who the hell cares where Agassi showers
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    Is this John Daly?

    Muster got fat and then got ripped with abs and the whole nine!
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    Federers Shorts somethings not right!?

    His are custom made like everything else he uses. if you think he has the exact shorts as you .......well keep dreamin
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    Looks like Agassi can't lose in his new Adidas gear!

    Shorts are too short, but his game is shaping up. Hope he is not peaking too soon.
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    Worst #1 Men's Player?

    Roddick for sure
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    So how come Agassi was wearing Adidas?

    Nike will not leave tennis. It has been afiliated with tennis for a long time, and they still get plenty of exposure when they market things like gold shoes on fed and sharapova. niketennis in america will not go anywhere
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    Drank PROs ?

    A lot of players smoke pot because it doesn't make them hung over like alchohol will do.
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    Petition for the return of Nike Air Oscillates

    He doesn't have them
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    Did Gilbert just said "F**K on TV???

    so what have we never heard the word
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    Gold nike shorts

    I have these shorts, and they look nothing like gold
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    Gold nike shorts

    Are these tennis shorts? Where are they at? Pics.....
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    Federer's Headband. What's Really Inside?

    I have this chip from catching his headband at last years us open and I am selling it for 5k.
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    Sampras vs. Federer - at their best, who would win?

    Sampras in three straight sets at their best