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    Bumper guard/Grommets for 2012 Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90

    Hi, looking for someone's extra bumper guard and grommet sets for the 2012 Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90. I think the other Pro Staff 90 sets might work. Willing to pay up to $15 shipped
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    Prince Phantom 93p

    Would like to know also. Please send info/pics to
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    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) into two threads

    Yes, its confirmed by TW to be discontinued, at least in the US. Babolat Syntec Team is the new alternative. Although its lighter and thinner (and overall different) from what I've read.
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    Babolat skin feel replacement grip

    Thanks for the response. Any idea of installed weight, specifically on a RF97?
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    Removing stock leather grip, RF97

    Could you tell me the difference in weight (and maybe thickness) between RZR Tac and the stock leather grip? Looking to take 8-10 grams off the RF97 and increase comfort, preferably without too thick of a grip. Thanks
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    Babolat skin feel replacement grip

    Has anyone tried Gamma RZR Tac as a replacement for Skin Feel? I cant find any info on weight or thickness
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    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) into two threads

    Thanks for all the great info in here. I was wondering if anyone had a rough estimate of the thickness and (preferably) installed weight of Gamma RZR Tac replacement grip? I was hoping for something similar to Babolat Skin Feel since it's been discontinued. Thanks
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    F.S. 2 Wilson Blades V7 16x19 4 3/8’s Grips

    Would you sell separately?
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    Wilson blade 98 16x19 1/4 grip 2019 version

    I sent you an email. Thanks
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    FS: (2) Yonex EZONE DR98+

    Hi, I'd like to see pictures also please.
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    FS/FT: Yonex Ezone DR 98 4 3/8

    Hi, I have a Babolat Pure Strike (Project One 7) 16x19 in 4 3/8 in the same condition (possibly better) for trade. Let me know if interested.
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    FS: 2x Yonex Ezone DR98 310g 4 3/8

    Hi, I'm interested. Can you please provide pictures (of scuffs). Thank you.