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    Best McEnroe Quotes

    In 43 seconds, several of his best quotes:
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    Check out these old greats on vid

    Wow, amazing find! I love Båstad. Beautiful town and center court. Actually was there a couple months ago, not for tennis, but just to enjoy a day out and a nice walk when the sun was shining.
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    Greatest Forehands of All Time

    I actually had to google that as I was out of the country for 5 weeks in Feb / March so wasn't aware of the issue (and haven't eaten there myself). :)
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    Greatest Forehands of All Time

    Thanks, kiki. Ha, ha - just been busy with work and other things. Arctic is right - we are still with ice and snow in Denmark, and will just start seeing some temperatures barely above freezing later this week, but still with -5C at night.
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    Greatest Forehands of All Time

    It's up to 40 and still no love for Wilander? He may not have had the power, but his forehand was super consistent, good placement, great passing shot and very tactical.
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    Got to hit with Wilander and also Q and A

    Thanks so much - great read and sounds like Mats! During the AO final yesterday, the other commentator asked if Djokovic was the most flexible player ever and Mats mentioned that Mecir was also very flexible, although did not have the court coverage of Novak.
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    courier - edberg rivalry.

    Agree with this. In 92-94, Edberg was experiencing some of the back problems that would plague him until his retirement in '96, so this was definitely closer to the twilight of his career, rather than his peak.
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    First Serves Under Pressure

    I'm guilty of this one. I always recalled Becker being an exceptional clutch server. Is it possible that he converted a high number of second serves as well? So instead of just looking at first serves under pressure, I wonder what his stats are in terms of points made on serve when break...
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    How many more Slams should the games legends really have won?

    Stefan Edberg - Should have won the 1990 Australian Open when he retired to Lendl due to a stomach muscle injury, but had been playing an incredible tournament, dropping only one set up to the final, including total destruction of Mats Wilander in the semi-finals. Also I believe he should...
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    Court-coverage GOAT

    Mecir was amazing because he didn't look fast at first glance - he almost looked sleepy on court. But he had an uncanny ability to just be standing in perfect position for any shot. So many times his opponent would hit what looked like a clear winner, and Mecir was suddenly there, returning it...
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    Ask me anything about being a professional tennis player

    Just wanted to say that I found this thread last week and have just finished reading all 36 pages - which I encourage everyone to do, particularly before posting a repetitive question. Filip, congratulations on your success thus far and best of luck going forward. Your thoughtfulness and...
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    US Open 2012 - Need Help!

    Are the lockers big enough for a 22" rollaboard carry-on? Sort of like this style: I will fly into JFK and my hotel...
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    Compared to Mac, Lendl and Connors, is Borg scraping by on food stamps these days?
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    Compared to Mac, Lendl and Connors, is Borg scraping by on food stamps these days?

    I read somewhere about a year ago that Stefan Edberg's net worth was around $100 million. I don't remember where this was, but could have been in the Swedish press. I would imagine that Becker's net worth was considerably higher - at least at one point - although he's had financial troubles...
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    Compared to Mac, Lendl and Connors, is Borg scraping by on food stamps these days?

    Borg seems to be more content now than ever in his life. His last marriage appears to be happy and he seems to enjoy his occasional appearances on the Champions tour. I hope for his sake that this is the case.