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    Alexandr Dolgopolov with RF97 frame practicing with Roger Federer

    It's "Rule the Empire". Stupid e b a y word filter on this site. :rolleyes:
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    Bizarre disqualification at Challenger yesterday

    Saw this earlier today and first thought.... Oh my neck and my back. There's no doubt that racquet glanced off the middle of her back a little, but come on. I got pinged in the back of the head with a 100MPH serve and all that happened was some cussing and ****ed off actions. Damn lines...
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    Rafael Nadal loses his memory on the golf course

    Yeah, right? Rafa should be amazing at these gags. He is World #1 at faking it. Lol
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    Babolat Pure Control Tour Impressions?

    Stick with it and string lower if you're all poly. I used to play with a 90 strung at 44 with 4G. Played well, but got to be too heavy for me after playing 90s for the past 4+ years. By sheer luck I hit with a Storm Tour with poly and was surprised at how soft and controlled it was. At the...
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    People posting their email

    Yes, it used to be used to keep their email address from being picked up and farmed my web crawling bots. Of course, in today's world, that doesn't work as well anymore since the syntax can be scanned for much better and still farmed, but it does minimize it a bit.
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    what phone for 2014?

    I dunno how people think 16GB is enough and why Apple even sells that size anymore.
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    what phone for 2014?

    iPhone 6 screen material is listed as Ion Exchange glass. Gorilla Glass IS Ion Exchange glass made by Corning.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Woman behind her does not approve of Genie's hygiene. :p
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    Similar to Pure control tour But more.......

    Why didn't you try and play with the Control Tour in stock form and see how you liked it before customizing. I understand you wanting to get the specs the same to what you had before, but I found the racquet in stock form to behave really well. I too play with lower strung poly in it and I...
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    Do weeks as no. 1 REALLY matter?

    What is shows is that everyone under him wasn't able to accumulate enough points to dethrone him while he was able to maintain a good winning streak to maintain points, nothing more. It's the same argument that was made a few years ago when Woz was #1 women's player and hadn't won a sing slam...
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    Which connection of these amazing matches you have enjoyed most?

    Is it safe to say that the Fed Nadal Wimbledon match was the one Rafa got into Fed's head and he hasn't come out of it since then? I truly believe that had Fed won that match, things would be different up until now and the matches they've played against each other since then or matches they...
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    People needed to reminded that this could happen.

    Flash in a pan, nothing more. It does happen, but not so easy to keep doing it.
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    Marin Cilic's offence has been blown out of all proportion

    It's obvious Cilic took Nikethamide because he doesn't like his current sponsor Joma. :p