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    Is it possible to be a “Fedal fan?”

    i play lefty.. so i always followed left handed players with particular interest. that did allow me the perspective to also then root for righties. and that is how i became a Fedal fan.
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    The greatness of Djokovic

    Also the same guy who throated a ball in the Us Open and lost in straight sets a few weeks later.. one of those sets was a bagel.
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    Poll about Nadal & Djokovic rivalry

    tons of people care. it is pretty telling... the slams are clearly and very obvious in that they end up with a tangible piece of hardware. the head to head is the undeniable results of each player pitting their talents against the other. we have never been in a heated battle on this scale...
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    Chances of Federer still winning Slam race?

    no matter where things end up.. the story the world loved was the Fed and Nadal one.. and Novak will be mentioned as a part of that even if he becomes the one with the trophies.
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    Are there any good foam insoles? My knees are hurting after each match.

    i got orthotics when i realized my insurance covered them 100%.. nothing foamy about them.. extremely hard plastic and it has been transformative. i only where them in my tennis shoes and they are great... you would think they would be harsh on the feet and knees and hips even.. not at all. it...
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    Nadal and Cage 4s at the French

    the cage 3 was a great shoe.. i heard on here that the 4 is on the way out already and a completely new shoe is coming in the cage line
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    How long shall Nadal continue to win RG?

    this might be it.. i love the guy, but i thought he was going down this year. 2 more absolute most.. 23 majors total.. if he stays healthy.. which he can't.
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    If it wasn’t for throatgate and Wimbledon being cancelled..

    If it wasn't for covid- Nadal would have defended the US Open and Wimbledon would have been played.. if it wasn't for Novaks carelessness he might have won the US open.. if it wasn't again for covid the French would have been played in the heat and the new balls wouldn't have been so...
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    When Federer hit 20in AO 18

    People keep going back and forth on matches fed should have nailed down.. the truth can be said for his opponents.. that's tennis. Nadal should have won in Australia.. he had that match on his racket. the lost generation garbage is also silly since almost no one can beat these 3 still..a...
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    What was the odds for Nadal to win without dropping a set

    if you asked him- he would have said next to none.. the guy is so humble
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    Roddick's comments during AO'17 on Federer: "if he wins one more, it pretty much puts the all-time slams record out of reach"

    It wasn't an outrageous hypothesis at the time. novak throating that ball might be incredibly significant .
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    Would 13 French Opens be the most impressive Tennis record?

    some records can't be touched.. this one was unreachable a few wins ago. 13 is nutty.. hopefully he gets a few more
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    Respect from Roger

    Roger is classy.. one of the reasons he gets so much love
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    How will Roland Garros memorialize Nadal?

    Don't ask what Roland Garros can do for Rafa, marvel at what Rafa has done for it.
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    Shot clock on 2nd serve

    go with hawkeye everywhere.. that is a time saver.