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    An organism has 720 sexes

    is he/she/them/xe on tumblr?
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    What book are you reading?

    Love Poem The tennis match was still on and while some watched, some sat around and shucked oysters, cut them from their shells, the score going in the background-Love, 15, 30, etc… A peculiar system, though what did I know, certainly not the name of either player, how many games were left, or...
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    Daniil Medvedev dismisses Roger Federer

    The world dismisses The Express
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    Nadal's signature shot

    Ned devotee, this thread (not quoted) reminded me of your previous thread about NOLE. In light of that, I would have to say that the slam dunk is Rafa's signature shot.
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    Medvedev=harder hitting Simon?

    Nedl devotee, curious, which segment of my laborious disquisition vexed your noodle?
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    Medvedev=harder hitting Simon?

    Ned devotee, you are committing a logical fallacy. You can validly compare and draw comparisons between their styles of play without presupposing that they must be equally talented or successful. Do not cheat readers with such red herrings.
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    Any Federer fanatics care that Federer may not finish 2019 in Top 3?

    Oh god, it's killing me! False, it is not killing me.
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    So Usyk alias 2slick finally made his delayed heavyweight debut last weekend against some tomato can who was the replacement for some tomato can who tested positive for something, who was the replacement for someone else. Yada yada. As expected, it was no match, with Usyk cruising to a 7th round...
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    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    Roger is a mere doubles specialist. Mury takes him to town in singles.
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    Djokovic's signature shot

    So sexi, so nimble, so athleticc
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    Oh Man United....

    What I'm asking is, who would you like to see up there?:D
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    How flat does Medvedev hit?

    That is true, he really opens the court remarkably for such a game style. Interesting player.
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    How flat does Medvedev hit?

    Post #4
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    How flat does Medvedev hit?

    In general, hitting flat harms you more the more friction a surface has. So it should hurt him far more on clay (which it does) and less on grass and low bouncing HC. Medvedev is weird because he hits so flat while still having such a consistency based style of play. There aren't many of those...
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    Oh Man United....

    Who can be the redeemer?