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    Grommets for radical twintube oversize?

    I have access to the titanium/intelligence and the radical liquidmetal oversize which will be the best fit? Regards
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    Ti Radical OS Revisited

    In stock form?
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    Looking for info on this Adidas racket (and others)

    What are the specs of the procout 3?
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    sunglasses - what to reccomend. under $150.00

    do they work for indoor play?
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    Head ultimate competition?

    Pretty hefty stick weighs about 345g strung!
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    Head ultimate competition?

    Anyone having hit with this twintube model from the mid 90's,?
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    Modification ideas needed for Gamma RZR Bubba 137

    Which of the Wilson eb's have 18/20 string pattern?
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    Wilson EB

    They go for pretty cheap on on the auction site! How do they play stock? Regards
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    Wilson EB

    What is so special about them?
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    Snauwaert boron and graphite fortissimo!

    Can you please tell me how these 80s wood laminated with graphite inlays play compared to let's say the prince woodie or the pro kennex golden ace? Regards
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    Forgot to mention that tw Europe only sells the textreme range would that fit the prince graphite pallet?
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    What kind of prince buttcap would fit a prince graphite straight shaft racket that's currently on the market? Regards
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    Bolle sunglasses ... anyone have any experience?

    Do the phantom court lens work for indoor play or not?
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    18x19 pattern Club - Djokovic, Medvedev, Agassi and...

    The os had 18/19 , mp was a 18/20 FYI!