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    Federer Nike Vapor x Air Max 95 Collab

    I got my 10s, at 3 am us central standard time. They had a full size run ( about 40 pairs) and by the time I checked out at 3:05, they had 3 pairs left. I tried that stupid SNKRS app and deleted it again
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    Federer Nike Vapor x Air Max 95 Collab

    Were you able to scoop up a pair?
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    Vintage Tennis Shoes

    idk if you guys lurk on IG, check out dasslersfinest he has a collection of vintage Lendl, edbergs, diadora borg elites with the signature, made in france Stans, etc...
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    Federer Forever NikeCourt RF1

    Reece, so whats the status? I deleted that stupid SNKRS app for the millionth time since it has no useful information
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    New Yonex Shoes 2018

    an awesome silo, but sits a bit too high for ankle roll over. can't wait for the updated version
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    It's not a tennis shop where they can fold it.
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Latest pickup
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    Nike Air Oscillate LTR

    its a shame that Nike decided to limit 97 pairs with the Sampras logo. oh well, money saved
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    Pharrel Adidas Stuff

    I'm kinda digging the line.
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    If i was a Nike Tennis designer... This is my vision about Rafa's outfit

    Great designs! However, all you did now was give ideas to Nike tennis lurking in forums like these! Only a matter of time when you see your creations in 2020
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    Official 2017 List of Pro Sponsorship Changes

    One of THE best posts- Thank you. Shows you who's on the rise and on the downward spiral.
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    Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion

    yes indeed!
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    pickup for today, passed on the general release versions
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    Yonex Power Cushion Pro Shoes

    You have to remember that top tier pros ( Fed, Rafa, Murray, Stan, Nole ) have different molds/ cushioning materials different from the store bought versions. Each have their own specs and most importantly weight reduction, THEIR silos are made for a couple of match wear use. You got guys here...
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    Yonex Power Cushion Pro Shoes

    I can't give you definite a weight difference. But, considering Stan's shoe is wider and taller in height, it actually feels lighter than the general release version minus the insoles on both silos I dont' understand how breaking in the new general release is going to make difference. Explain