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    Nadal’s knee lets him down yet again

    How do you knew that?
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    Which country is your home country?

    I'm from Brunei Darussalam
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    The Tennis Book that would never sell.....

    " Know When To Quit" by Martina Navratilova "Leave your Daughters Alone" by Richard Williams "How To Choose A Boyfriend" by Martina Hingis "Being Single" by Lindsay Davenport "The Importance of A Coach" by Roger Federer
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    The Tennis Book that would never sell.....

    "How To reach Your Potential" by Marat Safin "How To Behave Yourself" by John McEnroe "No To Drug" by Guillermo Canas / Martina Hinggis "The Important of Fitness" by David Nalbandian "The Art of Entertainment In Tennis" by Nicolai Davydenko "How To Win A Multiple Slam" by James...
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    Federer / Nadal - Atp Ranking and Race Point

    Federer now have 7605 Atp ranking points and 971 Atp race points while Nadal have 5485 and 982 respectively. Need your comments on who will be number one this year?
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    Nadal's injuries....surprise no thread about this?

    I'm bit surprised no one talking about this....any news?
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    Ivanovic Vs Sharapova:who will win?

    ivanovic will win.....sharapova disqualified because making to much grunt in the entire french history!
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    Nadal - Truth or excuse???

    Q. Fernando was in awesome form out there. What was it like on the other side of the court? Could you do much against him? RAFAEL NADAL: Well, he's playing very good level, that's for sure. Maybe was not a good match for me. I don't know if I can say I am playing bad, but for sure I can't play...
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    Win boosts Federer over $7 million in 2006 earnings

    SHANGHAI, China -- Roger Federer earned yet another personal best on Tuesday -- one that he can take to the bank. With his win over Andy Roddick at the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai, Federer, the world's No. 1 player, became the first professional tennis player to earn more than $7 million...
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    Another Sampras vs Federer analysis!

    Note This was taken from a forum website. OK I will try to break down their games by a rating usually based on my reading of a no of articles as well as watching the game closely. Scores (out of 10) SAMPRAS FEDERER Forehand - 8 9 (both have gr8 forehands SAmpras -running forehand...
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    What is happening to Nadal?

    Note: I 've taken this form another forum.... Nadal played 10 tournaments in the first half of the year. He had an excellent record of 43-5 with 5 tournament wins with 4 of them against Federer versus one loss in the Wimbledon final. The unexpected run to the final reset all...
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    Novak Djokovic .......will he be the man?

    19 years old, two titles already, career record of 51 wins and 30 loses, now ranking no 17.....pretty good to me!
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    Federer No 1 Spot and Nadal No 2 Spot.....

    Can someone give an analysis/scenario on how these two players must done (collect points) in order to kept their respective spot at least until AO?
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    Players nickname! which one do you like?

    Most good players have their own nickname...Sampras = Pistol Pete, Federer= Federer Express...which one do you like the most? ;)