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    Point me towards a new laptop.

    I've heard that the Macbooks and the Macbooks Pros are getting revisions, and the price point for the entry level Macbook will drop to $999. Just something that I heard. I'm going into my senior year and my Dell is in drastic need of an upgrade, so I'm going with a new MBP when they come out...
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    Anyone see this movie? In my opinion, the critics were harsh; it was a pretty decent move and kept me entertained throughout. However, I did feel that Vincent Ngo, who wrote the script in 1996 (it was passed around Hollywood for about ten years including a pass by Warners) could have done so...
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    Learning to Drive Manual

    Wow. I swore I would never get an automatic car, but that would be pushing it for me. Is it bad enough you can't even hold it with the clutch?
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    Certain Words That Annoy You

    There are definitely certain words that annoy me when spoken aloud, but I usually just chalk it up to that individual's inability to form a coherent, proper statement or question within the terms of a mature conversation and therefore do not blame the word but instead the person. Aside from...
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    4 x 100 Relay!

    No way. The relay last night was by far, the best and most exciting in terms of pure competition and excitement. I rarely jump out of my seat and start yelling at the TV, and never for swimming but last night I think I scared some of the stray cats outside. It was an amazing comeback and...
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    my friend and i like the same girl, need help

    I haven't read a single post in this thread aside from the OP's first post... well, the first few sentences. I feel as if I don't need to and here's my opinion... You're young... what you do now doesn't really matter. I'm 21 and from experience I can tell you that there are going to be much...
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    what do pro players do to build up endurance?

    I'm not anywhere close to a pro, but my routine this summer consists of distance running in the morning and at night and lifting every day. In a week or two as it gets closer to the semester, I'll begin interval sprint training along with the morning runs and lower weight/higher rep lifting.
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    KBT users....

    See the signature. I'm going to have to string tighter next time because the Biphase, even on the crosses, has way too much pop. I do love the feel though.
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    Are most people on tennis warehouse old people?

    I'm 21, going to be a senior this fall. The years are flying by way too quickly and soon I'm going to be facing words like maturity and responsibility. As it is though, I act like the stereotypical 21 year old. Case in point, not only do I know how to work an Ipod but I need to buy a new one...
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    Cursed By A Weak Doubles Return

    The best return in doubles is a dipping topspin ball to the outside corner of the service box, which creates a difficult volley or half volley for the server (the ball will usually be at his feet). This, of course, assumes that your opponents know that being at the net is the best position in...
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    Getting Red Clay Stains Out

    Haha, I appreciate it but I think I'm going to have to pass on the urine treatment. Looks like I'm SOL here; I'll just get some new Barricades before the season starts in the fall. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
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    Getting Red Clay Stains Out

    I just played my first ever tourny on red clay (I've played Har Tru events for years) and my previously white Barricades aren't so white anymore - there are also some stains on my shirts/shorts. Are these going to come out by just washing them or if not, does anyone have any tips to help get it...
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    Do you think this to protect my hands would mess up my tennis?

    First of all, this behavior is NOT OCD. OCD is marked by an overwhelming obsession (a pervasive thought) coupled with a series of behaviors (compulsions) relating to the obsession. A diagnosis for OCD must involve a significant impairment in the individual's daily life relating to the...
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    Many Players Racquets for Sale!!!

    I'm interested in the MG Prestige mids (at least 2 of them). Please contact me at with your price for 2 and for all 3.
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    How do I heal this wrist problem?

    It sounds like you're thinking of pre-wrap (I've never seen any other color but green) and the liquid a trainer will spray your skin with before he wraps you with athletic tape. The spray is so the pre-wrap doesn't stick to the hair on your skin (it never works very well) and the pre-wrap is so...