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    Prince Phantom

    The flexy ported frames have generally taken weight well. The port design allows the frame to still cut the air well with added weight.
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    help me with find thin beam

    I think the o3 tour 310 is firmer but feel wise should be very similar. I have an o3 beast 98 and used the exo3 tour 18x20 back then and despite the differences in stiffness, the ports give you the same feel. It'll come down to the string pattern and additional power to see if you can leave the...
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    will Prince muck up it's racquets?

    If the 97p was a 16x19 or 16x20 I would be hooked. I have already committed to the 100p phantom but I'd be interested to see how it'll spec out and play.
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    Welcome to Talk Tennis Australia

    Pretty sure TW ships to Australia now. A few months ago I ordered an o3 beast 98 in a grip 5. They only stock certain frames in grip 5 and I take it they're the really popular ones that sell.
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    If your supplier will bring the 310 model in then why not wait? If not, adding weight to the 290...

    If your supplier will bring the 310 model in then why not wait? If not, adding weight to the 290 version is also an option. In fact going with the 290 version leaves more room to customise. If you were to slightly customise the 310 version the weight might start to get too high.
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    How exactly is Medvedev gonna hurt Nadal?

    Want to see who wins? Behold the viewing globe! Zordon had the answers to everything. Too bad Medvedev will not be able to consult Zordon before rafito dominates the atp slam count.
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    Prince Warrior EXO3 100 - pros and cons?

    Ports do help with comfort. I use an 03 beast 98 RA 69 with no dampener and it's fine.
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    The new blade V7 May just be the best blade so far

    I always found the blades quite intimidating. Generally higher swingweight and not as headlight sitting around the 4pt hl area. But I'm sure developed and more stronger players would love it. These can really crush the ball for heavy balls.
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    Prince Beast 98

    After playing more with the o3 98 it seems like things have settled in. Might have been strings at the start and now I feel the more port like feel and free power. So maybe this thing plays best in a poly or high tension SG or multi. I did notice I was netting more often and seems to me the...
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    Prince Beast 98

    2 days only dude. You missed out.
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    Prince Beast 104 Racket 280g

    I honestly think none of those 2 should bother you. Both should have generous sweetspot. I think it'll come down to control and stability.
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    Prince Beast 98

    Well I got to play with the o3 beast 98 for a set of dubs so it's not a extensive test but these were my initial impressions. A few things stood out in this first hit with it strung at 53lb in prince SG duraflex 17: - This thing is solid and very stable and doesn't get pushed around. Can...
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    New Prince Beast

    I think you're right.
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    Prince Beast 98

    I was about to get both versions but since I already have a TW100 I figured they'd be fairly similar.
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    Prince Beast 98

    The prime 25% off code was too good to pass. Pulled trigger on o3 98. The code is applicable to both versions. What a deal! Comes down to $75USD each! Been a while since I used ports. Will report back when I get to play it. Previously used o3 white, exo3 graphite and exo3 tour.