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    Lite and Team rackets

    It's all about results in this game!
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    ATTN: Prince Phantom Users - 45# to 55# Recommended Tension Question

    I would say so. I have the pro 100p version and I string between 47 to 50 on multi or syn gut, depending on the season. I'd say natural gut in the pro 100 can definitely play in those tensions.
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    Found my dream control racquet (PP 100P) - now how do I string it?

    Start with a restring with a tension no more than 50lbs. That should open up the sweetspot. Start there first.
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    Found my dream control racquet (PP 100P) - now how do I string it?

    I recommend you utilise the matching service for TW to try grab off the shelf for you that has the same or near identical specs as the demo. Variances can play up and you may end up disappointed. So if the demo was the magic racquet, ask if you can even purchase it. String wise, the phantoms...
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    Prince Textreme beast o3 98

    A bit late to the party here but are you still seeking this? Got one brand new unstrung with plastic on the handle. I am in Australia though so it'll cost a bit more for shipping.
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    Prince Synergy - 18x18 pattern

    Stability can be rectified by weight at 3 and 9. Start low at something like 1.5g at each side. If you want a bit more plow and power also then go 1g each at 10 and 2. The amount of weight mentioned probably won't need counter balancing in the handle, as it is very minor. But if you crave more...
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro 97 2021

    Apart from the high swingweight, this looks very interesting....
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    Prince Beast 98

    In a similar boat. I have 2 of these and it's a stick that suits my game and strokes rather well. I really do prefer something with 20 crosses so either 16 or 18 mains works well with me. One came in 2 pts more headlight than specs which is a nice bonus for me.
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    Are tight patterned rackets obsolete?

    I think brands are also now able to make 18x20s play a bit more open without feeling too boardy, but still maintain the control tight pattern players crave.
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    TT 100P Appreciation Thread

    Between the 2015 and 2019 model is the increased stiffness that much noticeable? As in power, feel and stability? I'm eyeing a pair of 2015s on the bay as I enjoyed the soft pocketing feel. I didn't buy it as it was ever slightly unforgiving on defensive stretch and lunges. In hindsight the pros...
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    Yonex VCore Pro 330 or 310?

    I'd opt for the 310 and customise it incrementally. You got 20g to work with before you reach the 330 mark.
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    Tsitsipas Backhand against Nadal vs Medvedev

    I think tsitsipas also has a fairly extreme backhand grip so it in theory is harder to get under the lower flatter ball. He has a tad more time to set up against Nadals spinny forehand with a more of swipe like motion than a pull and rotate over with the conventional eastern backhand grip. Just...
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    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    What other offerings can we expect from the synergy line? What's the main target market of this line?
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    Uniqlo closing stores- could this impact RF deal?

    Stores may close but online shopping has shot up since the pandemic. May not look as bad.
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    Wilson Pro Staff v13 QC

    Vcore pro 97 310 was in a demo I played with 2 nights ago. It was the winner for both myself and a friend amongst a gravity pro and CX200 tour 16x19. It doesn't have the plow through of a heavy player frame but feels nice, fast and precise.