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    Get your balls

    I bought a couple cases of Penns at Costco, San Diego last week. They were pretty stocked up!
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    You were right! Picked some up yesterday, and they were only $108... I got the black/ white ones. I wanted the white but they didn't get their full order in.
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    Ha! They will be more... Can't even get a cup of coffee for $120 these days...
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    Tennis in Palm Springs

    Try Shadow Mountain resort in Palm Desert. Its close to El Paseo, and great restaurants. and they have a lot of courts. You can also rent a condo for the weekend for pretty cheap there.
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    Pickleball is spreading

    My wifes friend just opend a pickleball club at the Carlsbad mall off the 78fwy. its in the old Sears building. Indoor, pickleball, ping pong and corn hole. Grand opening was this weekend. Jan 30-31st. I don't play, but i'm going to check it out.
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    San Diego

    Nakashima and Pat Cash have been training at Lomas Santa Fe lately.
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    San Diego

    Valencia and RSF Tennis club are both very expensive. But they also have very good pro's for hitting or lessons. I'm hearing that with Covid, some of the clubs are requiring that you be a member in order to have lessons at their club. Stan Perry at "Surf and Turf" is also very good! And you...
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    San Diego

    See if you can get in with Adam Levie at Surf & Turf Tennis club, in Del Mar, or Derek Miller at Rancho Santa Fe tennis cub.
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    What are your top 5 interests Outside of tennis?

    Family & Friends Surfing Travel Porsches Coffee
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    MaxTennis Serve Practice Videos

    Hey Suresh! Yeah, i'm still around. Let me know when you can hit some... Hope all is well with you!
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    Unlimited tosses?

    On speeding up the game,,,I heard Mac say, you should get two tosses... Its up to you if you want to swing at them.
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    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    Ha! No alcohol involved. I couldn't find a delete button, and when I just deleted it, the video would just pop back up! So I just deleted and inserted a 0 and that did the trick. And you busted me! Ha!
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    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    Ah... I posted up a video, and saw that somebody had already posted it up. Couldn't find another way to delete it. Ha!
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    Is Anyone Playing Tennis?

    Yes, Playing everyday... My club and local public courts are still closed, but we have access to a private court (Rancho Santa Fe) as well as a couple courts in a small HOA complex. My buddy from up north,(Newport Beach) called me today and said that some of the public courts were opened...