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    MaxTennis Serve Practice Videos

    Hey Suresh! Yeah, i'm still around. Let me know when you can hit some... Hope all is well with you!
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    Unlimited tosses?

    On speeding up the game,,,I heard Mac say, you should get two tosses... Its up to you if you want to swing at them.
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    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    Ha! No alcohol involved. I couldn't find a delete button, and when I just deleted it, the video would just pop back up! So I just deleted and inserted a 0 and that did the trick. And you busted me! Ha!
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    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    Ah... I posted up a video, and saw that somebody had already posted it up. Couldn't find another way to delete it. Ha!
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    Is Anyone Playing Tennis?

    Yes, Playing everyday... My club and local public courts are still closed, but we have access to a private court (Rancho Santa Fe) as well as a couple courts in a small HOA complex. My buddy from up north,(Newport Beach) called me today and said that some of the public courts were opened...
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    Returner going to the back fence and delaying after I caught the toss

    I heard Mac commentating one night, and he said that he wishes they would change the rule on this. He says, you get two toss's per serve. Its up to you if you want to swing at it, but if you don't, its a fault! Ha! "He says we need to speed up the game".
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    Keen eyes wanted

    Yeah, Custom grip... But he played with a Volkl racket when he was younger, and they had a grip thats shaped like the head grip. Maybe thats what he still likes?
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    Clubs closing thread.

    All of our clubs have been closed for the lass\t week, but we have many private courts (Rancho Santa Fe) and everybody is home and bored. So lots of tennis going on here.
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    Palm Springs, CA tennis

    Yeah, It may be slow now, but it will be booked solid during the event. Or, maybe this "Coronavirus" may have an effect on the crowds???
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    Palm Springs, CA tennis

    Stayed there a few times... You can play on hard, clay, or grass courts. They have gondolas that can take you from inside the lobby to the restaurants. The restaurants are pretty expensive. There's a Starbucks in the lobby for early coffee and a treat. They also have lots of charging stations if...
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    Indian Wells 2020 - who is going ?

    Audis park for free, and right up front! So if you have an Audi, you need to advise them when you purchase your tickets in order to get the pass. We forgot to get the pass last year, but we did some quick talking and they let us park upfront for free. Only bummer is, you have to drive the Audi! Ha!
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    Swsrtzmann will trouble Nadal

    Wanna bet??? He played Nadal at the IW desert tournament, and he got killed! Not a good match up for Swaratzman. Nadal was just hammering his backhand with high looping balls, and he was way to short to handel them.
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    Do you wear a jockstrap playing tennis?

    Nope.... Rolling dirty!
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    Ha! Kyrgios will kick his ass!