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    TW 25x1.5mm leather grips discontinued?

    Awesome, thanks Brittany! do you know if they’ll be in stock In Alpharetta on Oct 15 also?
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    Jolly's Polys

    I like your taste in machinery. Second gen post facelift 9-3?
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    Wanted to share funny racquet comment

    Isn’t she playing the new SW104 blade PJ?
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    TW 25x1.5mm leather grips discontinued?

    @TW Staff I only see the 22x1.5 and both variations of 1.3 available now - is the 1.5 discontinued?
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    What tension if I want to try a hybrid?

    Thanks! Are you stringing the multi mains at a higher tension then you would poly mains?
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    What tension if I want to try a hybrid?

    I’ve been playing with Hyper-G 16g at 52 lbs in yonex SV 95 racquets. I’d like to try a hybrid setup as I’ve never done it before and figured why not. I have a pack of multifeel and T1 FireWire that I am thinking multifeel mains and FireWire crosses. What tension should I play? I am...
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    Carrying a bag pack around!

    Work in software dev shop, everyone carry’s a backpack here. Not sure if other industries are different. Maybe this is like for Saturday going to lunch too?
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    Pro Staff 85 vs Pro Staff 97 Black

    I have a nCode tour 90 and it’s a fantastic playing stick. It’s worth a shot, still box beam, 12.5oz and headlight
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    Will you cop the re-released Wilson K Six One 95 (18x20)?

    I really enjoyed these back 10-11 years ago, when my sparring partner was using the K-Blade tour. He still has one if each and we occasionally take them out for a hit. Love the feel, but I’m more at home around 345-8g string with OG and dampener these days
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    Is Babolat Pure Storm LTD GT a classic?

    That’s what was hard about it then, and I wish I had it for now. At 25 I cared much more about winning points and matches. At 36 I’m just trying to have fun and get back to a previous level.
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    Prince textreme tour 100p limited 4 3/8

    Sorry, racquet is sold.
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    Is Babolat Pure Storm LTD GT a classic?

    I played the Pure Storm Tour for a few years, 08-11 maybe? I had three and once had a really bad vibration in the stick and I sent it back. They warranted it as a defect and sent me a Pure Storm Ltd as a replacement. It was a cool frame, but the egg shape and string pattern never meshed with...
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    Is the SV 95 and Vcore 95 red the same mold?

    Interesting, thank you for the info
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    Is the SV 95 and Vcore 95 red the same mold?

    I know they have differences in flex, but is the mold the same?
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    Let the MultiFeel-poly experiment begin...

    I’m watching this one as I am about the string up two SV 95s with the string I have available: multifeel and T1 fire wire. I really like multifeel and also am just looking for a cross string as well. Next up for me will be ice code.