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    Federer News

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    Federer News

    I generally agree, but my point is people have constantly scoffed at the goffin win in question, which belies your point about his performance in that match.
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    Federer News

    People have been doing that constantly. I agree Fed was not in his best form, though. Good match from what I remember.
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    Who's the superior weak era finalist: peak Baghdatis or peak Anderson?

    As yet another Big 3 pissing contest ensues.
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    Sampras competition vs Federer competition vs Djokovic competition?

    Be careful, such blindsiding surprises from you could be potentially dangerous to those with a nervous disposition or heart problems.
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    Fans not happy

    You better shut your phuck up.
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    Federer News

    People generally underselling how well goffin played to win that 2017 wtf semi. One of the best matches I've seen from him. Fedr still should have won though, because Fedr.
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    Where will Murray be ranked by the end of 2020?

    Hopefully quite highly. Sod it, bring back the Big 4. 'No weak generations to see here folks.'
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    Thiem 2020 similar to Rafa 2008?

    Funny that he hasn't won a big clay title, but has on hard, despite such a clay-skewed performance at the slams. I suppose clay gets locked down rather a little (still, sadly).
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    Clay 2004-09 Federer vs 2011-16 Djokovic

    Well, what they should tell you is that those guys put in more legit performances than you'd care to admit. Gonzo was absolutely awesome in AO 07, as Nadal would tell you, and the final was also high quality.
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    The original 8-7 40-30

    LoL at the hypocrite comments. Fed basically firmly blocked the return CC off the stretch; he didn't exactly wallop it and probably didn't expect it to be that good.
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    Players who lost QF/SF/F matches in slams after having MPs.

    Easy to just dismiss in favour of purely 'mental strength' or being 'good enough' I guess, but the luck element is too ignored, generally imo.
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    Wedding of the Century :)

    Well, she doesn't look pregnant?
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    Federer and life after the retreat

    Fed's wholesomeness rustling many a jimmy.