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    Nadal-Kyrgios 2014 Wimbledon 4th round

    He usually has great hands at the net.... it's just he's been too casual and thought he won the point.
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    Nadal-Kyrgios 2014 Wimbledon 4th round

    I told you he was clutch... big points he is absolutely ice cold.
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    Nadal-Kyrgios 2014 Wimbledon 4th round

    I'm laughing at the guys who think he's a servebot. He's got a complete all round game and he's clutch as **** in tight situation (real clutch).
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    Nadal-Kyrgios 2014 Wimbledon 4th round

    He's a beast, so glad he's Aussie.
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    Federer and Hewitt and Weak Era Myth

    I hate it when people say 'weak era' and brush off people's achievements. Hewitt is moving at literally at 50% of what his peak was, hes had MAJOR toe/foot/hip surgery, you can guarantee every match he's probably having injections or taking many anti-inflammatories. The guy was told he could...
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    Poll: Lleyton Hewitt vs Juan Martin Del Potro

    So happy for Lleyton! He was a bit emotional when talking to Cahill in the interview. I think it's a disgrace that people think that Lleyton took advantage of a 'weak' era. You can only play what you are given and a prime Hewitt would've destroyed Delpo today. Lleyton is moving ok at the moment...
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    Djokovic-Hewitt 4th round 2012 AO

    Dunno how Lleyton did it- i think it was pure heart.
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    Federer v. Tomic - 4th Round

    Is Tomic really that unattractive:?. Lots of young girls seem to swoon over him for some reason. Maybe he's famous, who knows but they seem attracted to his looks so I dunno :shock:.
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    Wilander on Tomic: top 10 by the end of 2012?

    He doesn't exactly have a great deal to defend though. But yeah, he won't do anything in the clay court season. Much will depend on how he does at Winbledon though, got alot of point to defend so he'll have to have a good draw.
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    The little beauty Aussie Lleyton thread

    What people have to understand is that a players on court persona can be very different to their off court one. The way he was hitting the ball last night was definitely close to his best. He was striking it clean, jerking Raonic side to side. He's definitely lost a step or 2 since his prime...
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    Top player drought-Australia, US, Sweden

    From Australia's point of view it's hard as we've got lots of sports competing with tennis. We have soccer, AFL, cricket + other sports competing with tennis. We've got some very promising female juniors coming through though, including Bernard Tomic's sister who is one of the best 13 year olds...
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    Federer v. Tomic - 4th Round

    The people thinking Tomic will play the same game for Fed as to what he played for Dolgo are kidding themselves. He'll go out swinging IMO, as he knows if he plays the slice/off-pace junk he'll get carved up. He's not that dumb and his team will let him know as well. He'll play similar to what...
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    Dolgopolov vs Tomic

    While I don't condone what Tomic did, I think his reaction was heightened by the fact that some idiot in the crowd called "OUT" which put him off a bit I think. If you listen carefully you could hear it as the shot hit the line.
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    Thoughts on Tomic

    nous basically means smarts.
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    Tomic's ability to re-direct

    He's got very good racquet control, always has. Allows him to caress the ball effortlessly around the court.