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    Very smart long-term investment by Fred

    Fed allowed the Nole Slam to happen for the same reasons. Higher you fly, further you fall. Genius!
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    Thiem Favourite for French Open

    Joker will win. And the VB will claim to have never heard of this so-called "double career grand slam".
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    Federer vs Nadal semi-final Indian Wells 2019!

    What's the rationale for not entering a walkover in the w-l stats?
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    FEDAL No. 39 Preview

    Fed spent the night practicing under-hand serves.
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    Federer. Nadal. The Sandy Reckoning.

    I see our favorite VBer is back from therapy after the BeatDown Under. Would love to see their posts/day chart for the past 6 months...
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    Federer vs Djokovic. 68-68.

    Tied if you count the spellbinding WTF '14 final.
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    If Nadal played in the smaller outer courts

    Put a cricket fence on the show courts to make the dimensions equal. Problem solved. (ankles not insured)
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    Nadal rips into Kyrgios “he lacks respect for the crowd, himself and his rival”.

    "I try 1 underhand serve, and everyone loses their minds!?!?!"
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    Federer: The reason I passed Sampras was surface homogenization

    Look how many escapes Nadal has had during the first week of Wimbledon. If it was a consistent surface for the entire tournament like the other 3 slams he would never have won it (imagine Fed v Nadal on fresh grass...). Throw in the old fast grass, he'd be lucky to make a final.
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    i didn't realize Djokovic won a Nole Slam (equiv. Tiger slam)

    Wait till you find out that two slams are on hard courts. It will change your entire worldview.
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    The best Djokovic on Grass may not have arrived yet

    I'm not seeing overhead's on the checklist?