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    Solved - why Europeans dominate tennis

    Tennis has always been a niche sport outside of Europe. I wonder what the participation numbers looks like post-Great Recession?
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    Potential new Nadal record

    Decade stats are worthless. Winning a slam 15 years apart could either count as 2 decades or 3. While another player might defend his title, but because it happened at the turn of the decade, it counts as "won in 2 decades. Longest span between first/last title is a much better stat.
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    Federer has a better chance to win the FO (provided Nadal doesn’t reach the final) than any other major. Discuss.

    Fed walking to the semis at RG after his sabbatical is an underrated weak era indicator.
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    The Reality of the GOAT debate goes mainstream

    One of my favorite aspects of the goat race is ttw posters who admit homogenization / inflation, yet proceed to make apples to apples comparisons to past eras. The "Joker v Borg Wimbledon resume" thread being a great example.
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    Djokovic vs Borg - Who is the better grass court player?

    At this year's final, Joker looking at the ground in disgust after he only slid 2 feet instead of the 5 he can everywhere else should be the poster for the homogenized era.
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    Federer 20/78 (26%), Nadal 19/58 (33%)

    Borg just picked up a lot of GOAT votes!
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    Nadal joins another ELITE group in tennis history!

    Also the only guy with: a slam, a wooden spoon, and multiple TUE's.
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    Federer will be motivated

    He can be as motivated as he wants, but it won't matter if his body says no.
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    Gamesmanship is part of every sport

    This is when you know you're on the right side of an argument. I'm sure our friend @Sport can give us the latin name.
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    2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

    If my math is correct... 0 underhand serves. Fed needs to pay for everyone ahead of Nick K to take a vacation before the WTF. Time for some more target practice.
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    Do you or do you not play to the speed of the server?

    Players are so programed, but the server should just not look at Nadal when he's about to serve. Just blast it and then glare at the ump.
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    Feds fabled longevity

    Give Rafa a light case of Mono, and I'm guessing a few of those RG marathons with Joker would have been much less dramatic.
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    Umpire simply stole Medvedev

    I think even the VB knows stuff like this in indefensible. If every fan-base had a Jonestown. I think will all know which would be the most attended.