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    Nadal has now won a title for 16 consecutive seasons

    Most consecutive years not advancing to Manic Monday?
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    Why is Federer so hard to put away?

    The bright side of homogenization?
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    Kyrgios made history? First point won by underhand serve!

    Can't disrespect the sanctity of the sport whose ruling body, not-so-secretly, fundamentally altered the playing surface...
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    Djokovic Calendar Year Grand Slam: Can anyone stop him?

    Would love to see how he would handle the pressure going into NY 3/3. It would not end the debate though, since "He didn't have to compete with peak Rafa at RG" would be an objectively valid argument.
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    Big 3 Time between points comparison

    A speed chart where "fast" actually appears in the results!
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    The last time Nadal looked vulnerable, the French threw him to the wolves with the draw. That means Fed-Joker, and Nadal-Thiem semis.
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    Djokovic ties Nadal's Masters 1000 Record

    A double career slam would be the final wooden spoon in the VB's coffin.
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    Is this the end for Nadal? Or will he come back once more?

    The VB has never fully recovered after the great "2 slams are on hard-courts" revelation.
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    Is this the end for Nadal? Or will he come back once more?

    Better chance of a walkover at RG to protect his "only lost twice" stat, than him taking the title.
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    Just saw the WTA clowniness where Halep was hit by the ball at the baseline and thus lost the point

    If the player is behind the court, it shouldn't matter. Just a dumb as the touching the net rule.
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    Should Federer Try Rome?

    Does RG still have some of R1 on Sunday and then R2 on Wednesday? If so, you can bet Fed will take advantage of it again.