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    Wilson Blade 98 16x19 Underpowered? (String suggestions please!).

    I switched from a V6 Countervail (that I loved!) to a V8 and couldn’t find the depth or power I was used to with the V8 until… I put 2grams at 12 o’clock. World of difference and found that power again. Three grams made it an absolute beast but was worried it would freak out my elbow, happy with...
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    Nike Court Zoom NXT

    Quick Q: are you all popping eyelets when your are lacing and cinching the shoes to tie them? OR… are there popping when you are playing and say pressed wide and stressing out the shoe?
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    New Uniqlo Fed page

    Dunno about the sizing off the shelf polos here in the US stores, but yes similar issue, they seem to be too short after a wash or two. T he Japan exclusive polos ice imported that are sized from that market fit well but you have to buy up a size (JP L = US M)
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    New Uniqlo Fed page

    Also agree. Had some performance slacks that have looked great for 4+ years, I have a sweater that is 5+yr old and looks brand new. My Kei polo and Roger polo/tees are great as well. BUT I've not had good luck with their dress shirts or regular pique polos I think it depends on item, but all...
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    What are some subtle signs of a good tennis player?

    Forgot this one - they never call the score (all 5.0s and above in this city rarely if ever call the score)
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    What are some subtle signs of a good tennis player?

    Footwork is biggest tell, then I would say just a rally ball that is controlled, high spin, high margin of error, and has depth. Also plays with a Blade BLX with 2yr old string.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Here to eat crow and return to the Blade team. I tried a ton of options and couldn't get anything to feel close to my CV V6 (Tecnifiber, VCore Pro, Gravity, Boom, Strike, Radical, EZone). Radical was best out of all of them, but it gave me GE pain after a sold month of play; EZone 98 (both...
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I've seen nothing about this on the forums, but there is a new USO/Night Edition: EDIT - whoops it had its own thread on the 8th!
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    Golfer's elbow route/guide - racquets review

    This exercise help my GE a ton, you just have to do it every day for like 6 months to start feeling better, then keep on doing it basically forever! I've heard good things about Graston scraping techniques, but I've not tried it yet. [APD plus BB rough kicked off the GE for me, had to move...
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    Bright Green Shirt Hinderance?

    Errr, are you in Austin? That might have been me and my partner, that same story happened to us this season except we were the ones in the yellow shirts! :oops:
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    Has anyone tried doing a Kyrgios serve on a match?

    I have not tried it in an official match, but will do it occasionally in a practice match. I do regret NOT trying it once in a league match: - I am not a singles player only play doubles, but had to take the singles line as we didn’t have enough guys and the pairings worked out to put all in on...
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    Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll - the old McEnroe, Agassi and Wilander shoe

    The revision from 2004 (2003?) was awesome, modernized the design, added full length zoom air, extremely comfortable. I still have a pair but they are needing a re-glue :confused:
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    Pros are still wearing Vapor 9/9.5/10... Bring them back Nike

    Hmmm, custom PE alert: toe midsole seems different, doesn't match the VX or the Flare.
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    Rafa using the Cage 3 instead of the Cage 4

    Are those some LB 1.5s on whoever is standing on the right???? Very jealous, bring those back! (I know, not many people liked them)
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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    Sure! Enjoy the jacket :cool: