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    Time for a new racquet!

    Greetings everyone! As the title says, I finally have decided that it is time to update my current and trusty K Factor six one and treat myself to one of the newer offerings. However there are a few things I'd like to consult with you if you don't mind. I really like the feel of the K6.1 and...
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    Wanted: Wilson K Factos 95 16x18 as cheap as posible

    Just cracked my current Kfact95 at the throat and I'm interested in replacing it ASAP. I don't mind if the racquet is beat up to hell as long as it's structure is intact (no cracks.. dents and whatever is fine). Thanks in advance.
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    Link to Stakhovksky's near death experience please..

    I was telling my dad about the match but couldn't find the video of Stakhovswky dancing with death at the net, would you guys mind sharing it please? This is not a hate thread so plz keep it cool
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    An Absolutely Embarrassing Loss. Absolutely Embarrassing.

    So, how does the GOAT losing to the 113th player in the world in the 3rd round sounds? Give these guys a break, they have already played legendary tennis for 9 years straight and yet you expect them to win every match. It's just plain impossible.
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    Nadal takes sole possession of 3rd place in open era grand slams

    I agree. That was a sick match and the first match i ever saw rafa play, became an instant fan and have been since then. I still watch the highlights to this day.
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    Nadal takes sole possession of 3rd place in open era grand slams

    Same impact Nadal's missed DTLBH had at the Aussie 2012. #NoExcuses.
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    Tennis is dead. Enjoy your message board

    Like pre Rafa/Nole Federer where he had My Little Pony characters as opponents?
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    [3] Rafael NADAL vs [4] David FERRER - Roland Garros Final 2013

    I'm just loving this match, every point is a step towards history for both of them
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    Was Nadal vs Djokovic today the greatest match ever?

    Agreed, i just watched them and noticed something that i would like you guys to discuss with me if possible How different is Nadals serve from then to now? i mean HOLY COW the motion feels weird and the second serve is so weak im surprised he didint lose every single 2nd serve point. Also...
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    Nadal is now only 5 slams behind Fed

    I personally think Nole will get the FO next year and nadal will win one more Wimbledon. AOs and USOs im not so sure. But still, he will have more Masters and the olympic gold besides a good H2H lead. People will never accept Federer as anything other than the "GOAT" because that's what the...
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    Was Nadal vs Djokovic today the greatest match ever?

    Nah, in terms of drama and history the Wimbly 2008 is the best. However AO2012 was an excruciating emotional torture throughout the whole match, with awesome shot making, unbelievable effort by both players and just overall good tennis. My personal favorite would be AO2012 but Wimbly 2008 was...
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    Heart says Ferrer, Logic says Rafa

    I agree, I'm still gonna watch it all the way through. I like both players and they've had some fun matches.
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    Heart says Ferrer, Logic says Rafa

    Lol what? Last time I logged into these boards was in 2009 according to the date show today when I logged in again and i have absolutely no memory of me ever calling Nadal a racist. Wtf? I've followed and admired the guy since 2005. I actually use a K95 since it came out because i tried a...