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    Djokovic News

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    You'll watch it for sure with wings on the side :cool:
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    Djokovic might lose No 1. ranking temporarily on November 1-st if Medvedev wins in IW

    ^ can we ban this guy already or better yet remove the ability to use internet.
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    On a mission

    Oh man I bet someone would like that WTF title, shame it didn't work out. Sorry, it is just an exhibition I forgot.
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    On a mission

    Still #1.
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    Djokovic News

    Not letting 7th YE#1, I love it. Great news, would be a shame!
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    Djokovic News

    I think he skips IW, plays Paris as a tune up for ATP Finals. Also I see some news of him playing Davis Cup, not sure about that. Afaik. On his official website his schedule is empty atm.
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    Who wins: Peak Federer vs. Peak Djokovic on clay?

    Might've mistaken you for someone, hmmm.
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    Who wins: Peak Federer vs. Peak Djokovic on clay?

    I like how OP went from full on hate on Federer and onto Djokovic, literally went nuts since RG SF this year loool. Must've hurt like hell.
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    Novak heading where humans have not set foot for 5.000 years

    Why and how did Nadal lose to Djokovic in RG SF of all places in this year's edition? Oh right he was injured.
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    Djokovic News

    Novak in Belgrade, Serbia, with racket in his hands and smiling, two days after that historic and heartbreaking match. Stay strong Nole, it was a great season, that is still not over and glory and YE#1 yet awaits.
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    Comparing BIG3

    If there was for hatred you would be a contender for sure.
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    Fedr out of top 10

    Covid protected rankings or else he wouldn't be even in top 50 right now is my guess. It will start to show now.