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    Vantage 90 and 95

    Vantage 95 has grip #3
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    Vantage 90 and 95

    I have 2 spare racquets (for sale only): -Vantage 90; red color, 16x18; weight 325g; ball. 310mm; handle Dunlop size 3; 70 RA; leather grip; condition 9/10 -Vantage 95; white color; 16x19; weight 320g; ball. 310mm; handle Dunlop size 4; 63 RA; condition 9/10
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    Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Radek Stepanek

    Yes, it was yesterday in the Prague.....between guests Jaromir Jagr and a few tennis stars, but we missed Tomas Berdych!
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    FS: Vantage "players" racquet 90"

    I have a Vantage racquet for sale: 90"; 16x18; weight 325g; balance 310; handle Dunlop size 3; 70 RA; red color, black bumpers; leather grip. Condition 9/10. Only serious offers please.
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    What did Goran use?

    Head Prestige Classic mid.
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    I have 90/70, 41/2 in excellent condition FS.
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    Vantage, which one to try next?

    I have one 90/70 in very good condition. email:
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    Best way to straighten strings after restringing

    Great, do they charge per string or racquet?
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    Why can’t we watch the ball like Federer?

    In my club, there is a one guy, who is trying the same for year and he has success. When you watch him, he has his head and eyes still on the ball-racquet contact point and the ball is already "gone". Sometimes is funny to watch him, since his head is "stiff" on the contact point, but it works...
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    Vantage, which one to try next?

    Actually, I played 95/63 for a few years, very good racquet! Than i switched to 90/70, which I prefer more, since I was always using 90 frame before the Vantage. The 90 is more solid feel, one of the best I had, old school racquet. Only one problem, I strung the poly way too high for this...
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    Electrolytes / Pro drinks

    Cytomax may be OK.
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    Where to buy the piece of rubber at top of grip?

    Funny, this is first think which I'm taking off on every new racquet...
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    Best outfit worn by a Pro?

    The ball smells so GOOD, you probably cleanup your a.. today, Rafa. No???
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    Good Dampeners?

    Rubber bands are cheap and work.
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    Dunlop Grand Prix - I want to like these balls but...

    Prince balls are very good !!!