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    Would you say this year's US Open is "Federer's to lose?" Or "Nadal's to lose?"

    Yes, but at the same time, if he gets #21 right here, it would be sweet for him to have overcame that tough loss in Wimbledon
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    Would you say this year's US Open is "Federer's to lose?" Or "Nadal's to lose?"

    To be honest, a guy who has won a set in his entire career of this rivalry, does not hold a hope to win the match. However, weirder things has happened in tennis...
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    Would you say this year's US Open is "Federer's to lose?" Or "Nadal's to lose?"

    According to the draw of each one, I would say it is Federer's to lose... but it is a good point to state Nadal has had more success here recently
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    Cilic missed a golden chance

    Cilic was good at some moments but he looks out of shape as someone said. Maybe he lacks motivation, who knows. And obviously the mental side was not his best ally
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    Novak should be ashamed

    He quitted because he knows that it was impossible to win at that point, not being at 100%. He was able to finish the match, and just did not want to. His decision, and he has to deal with the well deserved criticism. 4 more games and take the L Yeah, we get people in the office paying his...
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    Year End #1 In Doubt?

    That was when Federer came back from an injury... long long time ago. I agree with Stan's serving well today, but Federer is also returning well this tournament. We will see what happen
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    Year End #1 In Doubt?

    Come on, the chances of Dimitrov or Wawrinka are really slim. Both see their idol and crap their pants. Stan has not defeated Federer outside RG. Dimitrov has played nobodies and even with that I dont consider his level impressive, even if I agree that his BH looked good this US Open. Medvedev...
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    Year End #1 In Doubt?

    Come on, in this part of the draw Federer needs to lay an egg to not arrive to the finals, where of course would be a different beast if Nadal arrives. Dimitrov? Medvedev? Stan? None of them are defeating him in a decent shape. Still, I know we are going a bit far, but the odds are there
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    Year End #1 In Doubt?

    If Federer wins the US Open (his chances go up drastically after what happened with Djokovic) it is absolutely open the hunt for YE#1, specially since Nadal has stated that he wont play more than a couple of tournaments from now until the end of the year. Add to that he will be married in...
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    Are you pleased Djokovic lost?

    Pleased that he lost, yes, pleased that he retired when he was being beating like a drum, not at all. In the end, happy for Stan who played really well. And just for the record, I dont doubt Djokovic was at least not 100%, but it was classless to retire like that. Of course, my opinion
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    As a Federer and Nadal fan ...

    And playing in a half empty Ashe would be perfect
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    Kyrgios being targeted

    What did happen with the likes? I could not care less about a new "Kyrgios sucks" thread :D
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    Depressed Federer fans, join me here for a drink!

    Agree with OP. Terrible loss. It is hard to move on
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    #nextgen got destroyed again. ROFLMAO

    LMAO @Meles in suicide watch, well, like any other Grand Slam :D