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    Baricade toe jaming

    Big Mistake.......... One of the biggest mistakes players make when buying tennis shoes is thinking that their tennis shoe size is the same as their dress shoe size. If you are hammering your toes when playing you have the wrong size tennis shoe. You need 1/4 to 1/2in of space in the toe area...
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    Who Won 2014 Australian Open?

    Can You Say...... The MAN who MAULED the BULL Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
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    how many hours of hitting do your balls last

    Pro Penn......... The only ball that works for us is the ProPenn Marathon ball, which lasts about 3-4 hrs before the felt is gone. All of the other balls including the Wilson US Open ball only lasts an hour. Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
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    Rafael Nadal will win Wimbledon...again!

    People forget........... People here often forget that Nads has always had problems in the first week at Wimbly. However the years that he did well or won were some of the driest years Wimble has seen and the courts played like clay. In the last 2 years the weather was wet and the courts were...
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    Multi vs Polyester questions.

    Hybrid Blends.......... FHR, XR3 is not a true multi string but a hybrid of a poly or tri-poly core and a multi wrap. So it will not behave as a full multi string would and does string up a lot stiffer. Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
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    Sabine Lisicki Yonex Racket

    Not One......... Not one of the top players uses a racquet off the shelf, ALL of their racquets are customized. Their racquets are their tools for work, so they customize to personal preference in numerous ways. My contact at Yonex says that Sabines racquet is a customized VCore 97 Tour...
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    Poly @ HIGH tensions perform amazing for some

    Your prerogative but ..... If you like poly up at high tensions, then that is your prerogative, but please understand what the issue really is. You say that poly string is "dead by nature", but there is no nature in plastic string, I think you meant "by design". There are various levels of...
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    Whose career would you rather have - Lendl or Mac?

    Lendl for me...... While Mac was the more talented player, I think that Lendl did more with his limited abilities as the numbers point out. Lendl did more to impact the future of tennis. Lendl's (and Martina for the women), methods changed the way future players view their diet, cross...
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    How Temperature Sensitive Is Poly?

    Very!!! Poly strings are plastic based strings, very low elasticity, so they will be VERY susceptible to temp changes. This is why we tell people not to keep racquets in the trunks of cars or anywhere the temp can change widely. Hope this helps. Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
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    Where does WTF stand?

    Its simple really. The WTF is the BEST of the BEST of the BEST for the given year. Only the BEST are qualified. See simple! Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
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    Babolat Babol Thermogut?

    No more.......... I believe Babolat stopped making Babol some time ago. However, some people have had success using New Skin Liquid bandage which seems to be very similar. Just use sparingly, hope this helps. Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
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    The new Prince line looks great.

    Nice Sticks all around..... I got a chance to see and play test the entire new line of Prince racquets at the IART symposium at Saddlebrook last month. The entire line looks and feels very impressive. Lots of variety with a mix of old style racquets with traditional grommets and new speed...
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    Now that babolat vs gut is completely ruined....

    Scotus has it right, the BT7 process is 7 thicker sub-bundles in the gut that make it more durable and holds tension better, per Babolat. I believe that the Wilson NG string made by Babolat, is the old 13 sub-bundles and coating so this may be what you are looking for. Hope this helps, best of...
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    Prince ESP Frames Delayed to November 2013

    Prince Patience I just returned from the IART Grand Slam Stringers Symposium at Saddlebrook, where we tested the entire Prince line of new racquets. Prince fans be patient as I think you will be pleasently surprised at the variety and quality of the new Prince frames. There are new and...
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    Fed's greatest strength was always his mind, until now

    Completely agree........ I completely agree with you. Fed used to use his mental strength along with his speed, anticipation and artistic variety to keep opponents off balance. However with all of the surfaces now playing like clay, its really tough to hit through and artistry has succumb to a...