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    My mom doesn't buy my strings anymore

    Mains: cheap poly (really any will do) Crosses: Gosen syn gut (my favorite is pro form tuff 16) Should last a couple weeks and really cheap. I also agree. I bought my own string a year ago when I was in 8th grade. It was a good decision and paid for itself cause I strung for others.
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    Painting a Prince Exo3

    Hi guys, I bought I prince Exo3 racquet (tour) and I absolutely love it. I really hate prince though, but I play incredible with this racquet. I was wondering how hard it would be to paint this racquet? I have done a lot of painting before and I know the basic things to do..I just am looking for...
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    What are some good sub $100 racquets?

    get an aerogel 300 4d like a radical but more power and spin. I had three of them and it was really weird, they feel stiff at first then you break them in after a week or so and its the best racquet i've ever had. worth a demo.
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    Looking at dunlops rackets for next year and need some info.....

    3 Racquets, ten pack bag, reel of string, two shirts, two hats, stencil, stencil ink for 300 dollars, That was mine anyway.
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    Prince Ozone Four. I must have lost my mind!

    you have to try them.
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    What is the MOST POWERFUL and PLAYABLE Poly, Co-poly string on the market ?

    Alien Strings. Not many people use them.. but they are by far my favorite.
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    Gamma Progression II 602FC Tensioner Replacement

    Thanks! I might just buy an x-2. Also even though it's discontinued I Love my Progression Es II.
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    HELP with Serve and groundies. (Video)

    Off topic..but where is your tournament?
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    Looking for an EXTREME value string for practice.

    comes in a reel also for like 18 bucks. also good if you string for someone and they don't know what kind of strings there are.
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    Looking for an EXTREME value string for practice.

    forten nylon in 16 gauge, Plays well enough...and also will play better because you'll be proud of yourself.
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    Cyclone Out - Which Poly In?

    I own the same racquets. And reels of big hitter blue and black widow..Big hitter blue is almost the same as black widow but softer.
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    Gamma Progression II 602FC Tensioner Replacement

    Hey guys, I have a Gamma Progression ES II and I love it, but I need to take it to tournaments sometimes, and normally they are all outside. So I want to make it as portable as possible and get a dropweight tensioner. Does anyone know where I could buy one?
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    Questions about Black Widow in a PSC

    Black widow Is super soft..You're supposed to string it at the same tension as a synthetic.
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    college recruitment video - ntrp rating?

    I thought this was hilarious.
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    Berdych and the Instinct...

    dunlop 300 non-tour can solve all of your problems guys....basically same as radical mp but 16x19..