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    USO’22 QF: #3 C Alcaraz (ESP) vs #11 J Sinner (ITA)

    Super high quality tennis from Future Tennis!!!
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    2022 US Open - Women's Singles Discussion

    Last game for Serena!! Looks like its all over!
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    2022 US Open R2: Rafael Nadal [2] vs Fabio Fognini [60]

    Nadal is not in this match.. he is somewhere, completely out of focus
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    2022 Wimbledon SF: Nick Kyrgios vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    CLOSE this thread.. NADAL Withdraws
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    Wimbledon 2022 Gentlemen’s Singles

    Holy crap.. along with me there are 2 more TTW experts (?) voted for Hubi Hurkaz to Win the slam but bloody he lost in 1st round.. what a pathetic prediction, shame on me
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    Wimbledon 2022 Gentlemen’s Singles

    ok thanks then why there is a news that there is no points are going to be awarded because Russian players are not allowed to play? if you say so then lets go for 23!!
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    Wimbledon 2022 Gentlemen’s Singles

    Is this Wimbledon trophy official count by ATP / WTA?
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    Nadal vs Warinka on now, and Djokovic vs Felix

    Finally is this Wimbledon going to be considered as official count from ATP/WTA without a points?
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    Is Nadal done on grass?

    The one & only name is enough to beat Nadal with said skills is "Nick Kyrgios"
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    Emma Raducanu will not win another title

    I bet on Osaka still. May be this USO might decide on her fate. Otherwise she will also join with Emma
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    Emma Raducanu will not win another title

    exactly, all fluke ladies. Not much tennis its just kind of on time they arrived to grab the piece of cake.
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    How many more GrandSlams after 22

    Yup, CYGS is too much .. but yeah as others said, it depends on couple of things otherwise sure shot of 3 more trophies; - Alcaraz might spoil the party for both Nadal and Djokovic - Zverev can beat Djokovic but not healthy Nadal. IMHO, Zverev is not an issue for Nadal but some youngsters like...
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    How many more GrandSlams after 22

    I know this is a hypothetical question and you geeks might have already discussed many times. However, after reading post-match interviews, I'm asking question myself. Look like Nadal is motivated to go for more trophies than coming back with any excuses. In my guess, he may grab 3 more grand...
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    2022 Roland Garros F: [5] Rafael Nadal vs [8] Casper Ruud

    Wimbledon 2022 is not going to count as an official Grand slam
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    2022 Roland Garros QF: [3] Alexander Zverev vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

    I really hate to see Zverev tennis, but today he is really playing unbelievable tennis.