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    Did i get ripped off???

    I use the prince tt rebel, and nobody sells it anymore. So i had to buy one off off e b a y. It looks exactly like a brand new one, and it has all the marks and stuff, the grip is even wrapped in plastic, but when i starter to string it, i noticed that the holes were all messed up. They weren't...
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    How High Can You Jump?

    i'm 5'3.5" and can touch backboard
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    fat burning/weight loss question

    well the weird thing is. when i don't run or exercise, i stay the same.. i don't really gain weight or fat. another weird thing... i'm pretty athletic, as in i'm fast, quick, coordinated, strong, just not skinny
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    fat burning/weight loss question

    I decided i'd ask this now since everyone else is doing it. but anyway, here's my story. first off i'm 15 years old, 5'4". i used to be fat, really fat. but then i improved my diet, became more active, and all that stuff and lost some weight. now i weigh 140 pounds and still have some fat on...
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    Sports stereotypes

    isn't there only one african american in NASCAR?
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    Am i gona grow taller?!

    I have it worse.. I'm 15 and a half, 5"3 1/2', my mom's 5"0' and my dad is 5"5'
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    Do pros know how to volley these days?

    yeah... they know how to volley
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    great books that you've read

    A Seperate Peace
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    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

    some of the hole thingy's are all stretched out and i can't get them off. that and the bumper gaurd is all tore up on the sides making it harder to pry it out help me
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    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

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    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

    tell me how
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    How do u afford it?

    whoa, thats exactly what i've been doing all except join a club and gut strings. but i do all the other stuff and i just turned 15. i have a 13 year old brother too... now that i read it it sounds a bit extreme to keep on til im old
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    Career underachievers

    he could and should have more... so he underachieved
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    Career underachievers

    marat safin
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    roddick and sharapova: tennis' next hot couple?

    who was tennis' first hot couple?