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    Adidas CC Feather III?

    Yup, I am rather dumb! I own a pair of Feather III's!!! For some strange reason, thought they were II's! Sorry.
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    Adidas Shorts

    Erm, the yellow shorts are pretty bright, and can only really be worn with a black shirt, which I don't have at the minute. Definitely not with white or red tops!
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    Adidas CC Feather III?

    Doesn't exist yet, so I assume your talking about the Feather II. For a hard court, take the Barricade any time, but for clay or astro, take the feather.
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    Favourite football (soccer) team

    Manchester City
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    If Williams both make top 10 then seed then #3 and #4 for next slam

    What a ridiculously stupid idea! Why would we need to change the system purely for the relatively insignificant Williams sisters? And why would we want to see them in a final together?!?! That would remove the only incentive to watch womens tennis.
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    Ebonics for white chicks?

    Now, the question is, did I not understand that because it was too complex and logical as an answer, or because it was pure idiocy. I think the former!
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    The Henman Appreciation Thread

    Fantastic player, and my favourite player ever! Had never seen him live before this year, when I saw him at Nottingham, Wimbledon (both days of his classic with Moya!), and will see him (hopefully) at Davis Cup in Wimbledon in September. He will be greatly missed, especially as we realise what...
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    Is there a US Open Live Stream

    Thanks very much! :)
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    Is there a US Open Live Stream

    Is there any stream of the US Open at all? Even one where you have to pay?
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    Are these Barricade IV's dead enough to send in? *Photo Included*

    How did you ever wear those down that much? It looks incredibly dangerous to play in shoes like that!
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    Live US Open

    Does anyone know if the US Open is going to be streamed live on the internet anywhere? The normal routes don't seem to have a link, such as betfair and the tennis channel. Thanks
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    player issue tennis clothing

    There is a difference between pro football and retail football shirts, which is highlighted by the fact they are replica shirts. By comparison, the tennis clothing is not purported to be replica. Also, at the tennis shop I commonly use, some lowly ranked British players pick up their clothing...
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    Astroturf shoes

    The major shoe I can think of for Astro is the Adidas Feather, which I use, and is very good on the surface, whilst I think adidas do BIV omni version, and I think Nike do an omni version of one of their mainstream shoes.
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    what is your tennis shoe brand?

    Have always played with adidas tennis shoes, fantastic durability and comfort. Had a couple of pairs of Booms, before switching to BIII, and then BIV's.
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    junior size vs adult size

    He won't be able to get jnr barricades in his size, as adidas stop making them at UK size 6 I believe (equivalent to 7 in the US). Also, they aren't the same as the adult barricades, the adult version is of a much higher quality.