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    Participation rate of tournaments

    Please stop derailing this completely not anti-Federer thread.
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    Participation rate of tournaments

    Makes it even more sad.
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    The Heavy Metal Thread.

    Anyone else finds this very catchy?
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    your picture...

    All I see is that dirty table.
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    Novak to play Monte Carlo

    I thought it was Novak D. again.
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    TTW Official Meme Thread

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    Nadal to win Miami 2019

    sureshs must be smiling
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    I wonder who will win Miami.................

    No the joke doesnt apply to players who are in the draw
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    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    Riight because they never enjoyed playing Owlderer. WAIT...
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    Nadal vs Federer - who will leave the bigger impact on the sport?

    so Federer by Vatican's border