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    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    Loving the fact that Lew despises Fed’s success so much . How many different versions of the same topic is the dim wit who thinks Stakhovsky win-loss better than Wilander , allowed to open ?
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    I’m Not Taking Tsitsipas Seriously Anymore

    Why did Tsitsipas discuss Laver Cup with Medvedev ??
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    Does Nadal NEED at least 1 ...

    Nadal is an ATG, clay GOD but no GOAT. Last checked, still 65% titles come from clay alone.
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    Is Medvedev a student of the Novak Djokovic school of thought?

    Medevedev can be interesting post match
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    Where are you, rafa and roger??

    Rafa is not committed to Xisca ? unfortunate
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    Fedovic subpar form post Wimbledon

    As a Fed fan,I am Very happy for what Fed is achieving at 38 years Hop man Cup Dubai Miami Halle Laver Cup Wimb Finals RG SF AO he lost 2 tiebreakers and USO he was injured . What is there to complain ??
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    Rafael Nadal to win the World Tour Finals

    It would be Federer or Djokovic
  8. tennisaddict nice guy

    Boring thread . As expected
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    Landslide has begun

    If we add Kyrgios , numbers would look worse
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    Medvedev is laborious to watch

    Tsitsipas is the only guy who has aesthetics Rest all are baseline grinders
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    Federer fans, be honest... (part 2)

    Federer is showing by example how to excel to 2-3 generations younger than him that includes everyone from Nadal/Djokovic to Thiem/Cilic /Stan/Murray to Tsitsipas/Medvedev / Zverev Fed is the mould and the others are impressions from it
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    Federer fans, be honest... (part 2)

    Fed may not be the most mentally tough amongst the 3 But he is the best player among the three . The 5-6 year age gap is always forgotten here . Fed has no business being top 2 / top 3 at age 36-38
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    Medvedev to finish 2019 as #3?

    It is high time . The generation now should commit suicide for letting a 38 year old stay in top 3
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    Djoko should sign up for Vienna

    Rafa was spent after losing in straights to Fed at Shanghai. Had to beat chums Cuevas and Chung to safeguard position. Vienna is a ATP 500 tournament. No shame to add tournaments on the fly. Rafa plays 250's in the South American swing against Zeballos, Souza and Delbonis.