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    2020 USO Schedule Unchanged

    It was a definite shot at RG and understandably so. USO is loaded with Euro tourists who now will probably stay local and go to RG the following week. Now it’ll be a bunch of Long Islanders and drunken after work millennials.
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    Post Corona phase - Big 3 will never be the same

    What will banning this forum accomplish in a shelter in place situation?
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    Roland Garros moved to September - not a drill

    yes, if the draft were 75+
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    Bernie doing Bernie stuff

    Website says the match took 56 minutes. Wonder if Gulbis took the remaining four minutes to practice his serve or just let the next guys come on a little early.
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    Why Federer is almost certain to lose at W 2020

    Forever cursed to only have eight WImbledons
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    Federer is the greatest sportsman I ever saw

    Not to mention George the Animal Steele
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    All this talk about FO making changes...

    They said they’re keeping them at least one foot away from cell phones, but some say it doesn’t have an effect.
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    emil ruusuvuori will be bigger star than FAA or sinner

    I saw him play. He’s a nice guy. I asked him for an autograph for my daughter. He asked “How do you spell the name?” I said “L-i-s-a” He said “No, I meant mine.”
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    The legend of 40-15 lives on...

    Thought I was over it. Then Djokovic got to 40-15 match point today. Up one break. Made a fault. And I started thinking about it. Until Djokovic won right away on an extended rally. Very difficult.
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    Sympathies for Thiem

    It’s not about nice/mean. It’s about creativity. Every grand slam I’ve seen the big three play in, they do something I’ve rarely seen. Like Federer taking a half volley backhand down the line at AO17, or Novak whaling back a Fed first serve in 2011, or s & v tonight on second serve break...
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    Thiem a bad matchup for Novak?

    After Novak wins, he'll no doubt thank his Thiem. But it will soon be Thiem's time, which will be a Thiem theme in 20thiemy1.
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    Federer News

    I'm a Fed fan but I liked Djokovic's finger wag. It means he still considers him a threat. It's when he stops wagging his finger and does that condescending head tilt at the net when it's time to start worrying.
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    GreenSet Surface

    The new surface is fine. The three remaining men played clearly played the best this tournament. This isn’t ‘19 USO when Rafa won just because he got to everything.
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    Federer has four months to retire as the All Time Slams Leader

    But first a joke: There was a flood. A man went on the roof of his house. A raft came by. "Get in" said a man in the raft. The man on the roof replied "No thank you. God will save me." A motor boat came by. "Get in" said the driver. The man on the roof replied "No thank you. God will...
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    this doesn’t sit right

    It’s one thing to use Rafa to sell tickets and tv deals. That’s what he’s paid for. It’s another to sell special edition racquets for an event that Roger holds the rights to - where his doubles with Rafa is by far the biggest draw. It’s minor but it doesn’t sit right.