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    Hybrid setup for Blade 98 18x20 (coming from full gut)

    4g is extremely stiff and dents. Will not allow string snapback properly. You want a soft, smooth copoly with good tension maintanence and slick. Would recommend revolve or cream as a cross. Head hawk lasts a long time and is slick, but it is a little stiffer. If that's not a problem, head hawk...
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    Head Velocity

    Thanks for the kind words. Seems to be taking forever to heal, but I'm not taking any chances of re-injuring it. Relating to your previous post, I think Velocity revolve should be excellent. Substituting velocity for gut, I bet it would play well with many of the cross strings recommended in the...
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    Head Velocity

    Thanks for the reply. Connectedness is what I was looking for. Fb is difficult to discern where on the bed you are hitting. This sounds like an excellent hybrid, and I assume the comfort is up there with fb natty gut? I will try this whenever my arm heals up(work related, plus tennis). Velocity...
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    Head Velocity

    How was the feel? Did the gut add any crispness to the stringbed? Biggest problem with fb velocity was being very muted.
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    How often do you upgrade your racquets to the newer models?

    It seems racquet technology has actually peaked for some time now. Now, most of the new racquets are changed slightly and resold every couple of years. Seems the majority of racquet companies are in the money making business, with little regard to improving tennis racquets. Example: Head Radical...
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    Head Velocity

    I like to use bowstring wax to allow strings to slide smoothly. Works like a charm. Also, I really enjoyed a hybrid of Synthetic Gut mains/Velocity crosses. Velocity(with bowstring wax) prevented mains from getting stuck out of place. Synthetic gut adds a bit of crispness to the string bed(OG...
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    Yonex Polytour Fan Club

    It is generally recommended, in gut/poly setup, to have gut in the mains; smooth poly crosses. RPM blast is a rough string, and dies very quickly. I would recommend VS/Tonic+ mains, and a smooth poly cross (dependent on your needs). Head hawk/max power are great for a crisp stringbed (Maxpower...
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    Need help with tension head on used Alpha Revo 4000.

    Thank you Irvin, Karma Tennis, Esgee, and ElMagoElGato. I believe the problem was the crank speed. I have reduced my speed to about 2 seconds, and it consistently locks out properly. Also found your video on string machine maintenance, Irvin, and that helped in adjusting the machine properly...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I would personally recommend the Tc 97 18X20 to complement the Tc 100. The throat shape is different, so it would give you two Angells that have a different feel. Both excellent choices.
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    Hybrid question

    Agreed. You need a slick cross that does not dent easily and keeps tension well. Hawk and revolve are great.
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    Need help with tension head on used Alpha Revo 4000.

    Ok guys, so I have been tinkering on the tension calibration on my machine. Using a digital luggage scale, my machine readings are consistently 4 lbs lower than what the mechanical tension head reads. I set the tension to 54 lbs, for example and it consistently hits 50 lbs +/- .5 lbs once...
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    Gut/ZX Thread

    In a 100 Sq inch 16x19 Frame, what tension and gauge would you recommend when paired with a 15L Tonic+ gut? Not sure if I should use thinner or thicker string for longevity and feel.
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    A More Stable/Powerful Version of the Yonex Ezone DR 98?

    Dr 98+ is the answer to your problem. Much better frame imo. Who knew 1/2 inch would make such a difference.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I do the same with my TC 97 A handle. I flared the buttcap about 1/2 cm larger radius with slightly over 2 cm length with I believe leather, and many wraps of overgrip. Feels amazingly secure and stable. Looks ridiculous, but the feel really is pretty great. I find myself reaching for that...
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    Head Velocity

    Do you string on a constant pull or lockout at that tension?