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    Vapor 9.5 laces

    Are these available for sale anywhere? I've been using 9.5 laces on my Vapor x for some time now but I need new laces at this point. The vapor x laces are too short.
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    Vapor X Alternatives?

    I've been using vapors for years and years, with the exception of a short stint with the Asics Solution Speed 2s, which felt amazing. I'm interested in exploring alternatives now that the 9.5s are gone. I like the X, but I'm open to exploring. The issue is that while everyone under the sun...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    Glad you're enjoying!
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    Replacement for K six one Team

    Get the normal version. Call TW and ask for the lightest frames they have, or lowest SW
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    How on earth can you prove that? First of all, Del Potro uses the old HPS95, and he was using them to the point where he only had 2 left in the K factor PJ before being forced to switch. He used them for years upon years. The RA of those racquets after being strung so frequently went down...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    This is just simply not true..oh the irony. You think stiff frames cause professional players injuries? Maybe a rec player with subpar technique, but show me one pro who gets tennis/golfer's elbow/etc. a stiff frame. You reference Murray because he uses a soft frame. He uses a soft frame because...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    And before you chime in combatting my claim that 'low RA isn't viable in today's game' with posts about Murray, Cilic, etc, please understand that I'm a firm believer that all else being equal, if they used stiffer frames, it would only help their game. When I say they aren't viable, I mean...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    I see all of you complaining about the RA. With all due respect, don't you realize that we aren't in the 90s anymore, and that the modern game has moved on to stiffer frames? Sure, the pocketing, touch and flex feel from a low RA is great, but it isn't viable in today's game. If your goal...
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    Leather grips lovers

    Fairway is the best. Nothing even comes close.
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    Pure Drive 2020

    Are there any pictures or any update?
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    Kirschbaum Max Power

    Best string. Been using it for years. Tension maintenance is miles better.
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    Babolat 9 pack vs 12 pack

    You're right actually. Wow, the Head bags are much bigger than they look! Have you seen the 9 pack vs 12 pack for Babolats? I don't mind having only one thermo pocket. I'm more concerned about how big of a difference a few inches makes.
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    Babolat 9 pack vs 12 pack

    Thanks for your reply. Where did you get those measurements for the 12R? I'm using the one from a few years ago. I saw measurements that were different. The Babolat bags looked huge..I would be shocked if the 12R is bigger.
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    Babolat 9 pack vs 12 pack

    How much bigger is the 12 pack? Coming from a Head 12R Monstercombi..