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    Am I the only one who doesn't notice much difference between strings?

    I can sense the difference by string type meaning co-polys feel very different that nylon/multi-filaments. But, the difference in most co-polys is very subtle and most multi-filaments is also very subtle. I use 16G Technifibre NRG2 or Multifeel, or LaserFibre Supreme almost interchangeably in...
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    Heavy racquets

    Years ago ITF recommended these specs: weight 11 oz or more, SW320 or more and 4HL or more. To me, 11 oz, 320SW, 4HL frame in the 95-110 head size range is the minimum spec for teenagers through old age. stronger adults can certainly handle more weight and SW too. Just demo a few heavier...
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    What Was My Partner Trying To Say?

    Tennis isn't that complex. You hit an approach shot to the deep player and that's the percentage play. You can vary your approach shot to the weaker side of the deep opponent or you can even try to hit a short low slice as an approach shot but that's all just simple deviation of the core...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    my previous racket is volkl 10 295 with a fairly dense 16x19 pattern 98" head. I think the volkl had a launch angle that was consistent with the swing path. My personal experience is the clash tour doesn't send flyers long and find the launch angle to be consistent with my swing path with...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Hit with one of my clash tours for a bit now. Played a doubles league match, practiced and drills so a mix of hitting. Previous racket: volkl 10 295 customized to 12 oz, 4hl, 333-335SW New racket: clash tour, overgrip, 2.5 total grams at 3 & 9 o'clock, no dampener, 8 HL, 338 grams total with...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    bought 2 clash tour rackets last night. took them home and checked weight and balance. They weigh 2 grams different which is outstanding and the balance was within a 1/16 inch which is again outstanding. Either I got very lucky and got 2 that are almost identical or Wilson QC is better. I'll...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I demo-ed the tour for about 5 hours. I also hit the lighter version about 10 minutes. The tour is an excellent racket. I really like the feel and softness. Serves were better for me and groundstroke guite good too. A little more power and spin. I normally play volkl 10 leaded to 12 oz 4...
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    If Nadal played in the smaller outer courts

    The big "if" for Nadal isn't court size. The big "if" is if the ATP had restricted equipment changes like golf does would Nadal have won off clay. If ATP had said no to copoly strings and possibly some modern rackets, then I think Nadal likely would have never won a major off clay. Certainly...
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    For those that hate Nick Kyrgios...

    for me and I think a few other tennis fans, Nick looks like a waste of talent and a player that doesn't respect the game. All the talk about how he likes basketball better and the like of effort at times will not endear a player to sports fans. I love tennis and I have a thought deep in my...
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    Out of control racket prices in US?

    F-ing tariffs
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    High or low swingweight against heavy hitters?

    I have seen similar posts here many times through the years. I buy light rackets and lead up. When I get them they are around 310-315SW and after customization they tend to be in the 332-338SW range. I can honestly say I don't notice any difference in RHS and it doesn't feel difficult to...
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    High or low swingweight against heavy hitters?

    about 6 or 8 years ago ITF article said a minimum performance spec for a rec player 4HL or more, 320SW or more and I don't remember the static weight but I think it was near 11 oz. Personally, I think 320 SW is the minimum to play good tennis even at rec player ball speeds. I'll probably get...
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    Anyone remembers this crazy tennis dad story?

    yea, but Annacone said on Tennis Channel that he picked Hewitt to be a better prospect than Federer when they were juniors. Bjorn Borg was also not the favorite of the Swedish tennis system when he was a young junior because his strokes were considered unusual and he had a poor demeanor on...
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    Theory of the American Twist Kick Serve

    A football thrown downfield is moving forward toward the goal line but isn't the spin very much toward the sideline? I think a twist or kick server that bounces to R for a R-handed server spins somewhat like a football. Watch Federer or old video of Santoro hit a kick serve and you see that...
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    Swing weight: the biggest gap between Next Gen and old guard

    Just imagine what Nick K and the rest of the gen-xers could do if they had properly high SW then. maybe explains why they are losing to old men.