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    2HBH, trigger index finger on non-dominant hand?

    I have tried it both ways and I feel it does make a difference. For most of last 40 years, I've used a top hand grip with little to no separation of the index finger. When I've experimented with the index finger being extended, I find it feels more like a forehand swing and the racket head...
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    USTA self-rate question

    There are always exceptions. So yes, it is possible for a rare DIII player to be a legit 3.5. I taught my girlfriend (now wife) to play and she was beating a DIII female within 18 months but the DIII female was a walk-on in a very weak program. In general, DIII is 4.5 or better, but of course...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Try 16G multi mains 52 or 54 with a smooth 17G poly cross -4 from the mains' tension. I have clash tour and use several 16G multi mains with kb max power 17G cross and I really like it. I get around 12+ hours and then the mains snap or are hanging on by a thread. I think this is more...
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    USTA self-rate question

    There might be a DIII player on a bad team that is a real 3.5 but overwhelming majority are 4.5 or higher. I really don't understand why anyone would want to play that low if they are on a college team.
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    Nadal may retire at end of French Open

    yes, but he wasn't 32 in 2005.
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    Ladder rules: Serves: First in, to a maximum of five attempts, on the first two points of the match

    FBI for 1st 2 points is really bad, my luck is I'd make my 1st 2 serves, and then be serving for real with only 2 tries to warm up the serve. I like to hit 12-18 serves to get warmed up and a little feel.
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    Nadal Has Hit the Wall

    No, Rafa is not "still young". He's around 32 and that's ancient for a clay court specialist. Also, as you said, he has a ton of miles on his legs with the way he plays. it is realistic that he is near the end of his career or at least winning slams is possibly over.
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    Nadal may retire at end of French Open

    Nadal is already older than previous modern Roland Garros champions. the fact that he won last year is a testament to his greatness. I think the concept of Nadal being near the end of his career is very real. He has had a lot on injuries in last 2 years and he depends on his legs to win.
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    Thiem peaking?

    Hope Dom wins French. We need new blood at majors.
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    Does anyone think ?... ( Djokovic form related )

    Pepe's back so Djoko is having domestic problems again. He likely hired a new nanny causing more stress in his personal life. He's done for 2019.
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    how come couple of inches and 1mm make such difference in swing speed?

    if all specs equal except head and beam size, then wind resistance would account for the difference but I think that could only make a small difference from 95 to 97 head size and 20.5 to 21.5 beam. any new frame will feel a little different but I think you could quickly get accustomed to...
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    USTA needs to redistribute the players and come up with more levels. There should be a 3.5-, 3.5, 3.5+, 4.0-, 4.0, 4.0+ , 4.5-, 4.5, 4.5+ and a 5.0 (open). Basically, the equates to low, middle and high tiers of C, B and A level tennis with 5.0 being for open level players.
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    how come couple of inches and 1mm make such difference in swing speed?

    swing weight? static weight? balance? twist weight?
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    Sandbaggers are scum and not the best players at their level. I seen some really extreme levels of sandbagging with young fit ex-college players playing 4.0 and throwing games to keep their ranking for playoffs. 2 guys in particular would have been at the top of 4.5 level and they were playing...
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    Best female tennis athlete ever?

    I know she's young, but Naomi Osaka is a great athlete. I think her quickness and explosive power had a lot to do with her 2 majors. Even her serve is very athletic with lots of explosive power into contact.