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    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    I enjoyed the US Open this year. Weird men's final but I'll admit it was hard fought. Thiem is a deserving champion. Zverev fought hard. I didn't know if it would be a good tournament without fans but I enjoyed watching live tennis again and it had plenty of drama.
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    2020 US Open - Official Thread for Women's Tennis

    Osaka vs Brady was one of the better matches I've seen in years. High quality of play. Not many breaks. Great shot making by both players. And, they seem to be nice people too. I liked that match.
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    How do you distinguish your racquets apart?

    I have a very complex system. I take a permanent marker and put the roman numeral I on butt of one racket and the roman numeral II on the butt cap of the other racket. If I get a 3rd racket, you got it, I'll put a III on the butt cap. It's very simple actually.
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    How can a racquet be good at slice but not topspin?

    A Federer slice in match play was recorded over 5,000 RPM and for years, it was the highest spin rate on ATP tour. I am not sure if that's still true but it was for many years. A heavier racket with good plow thru will slice well. A whippier racket that still has decent SW will topspin better.
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    Is it unsportsmanlike to play to an opponents weakness?

    If I am practicing/drilling, I will sometimes hit to opponents strength to lengthen rallies and test myself. In league match or tournaments, I will hit to weakness and use tactics to give me the best chance of winning. In a competitive pick-up match where opponet(s) are playing to win, I will...
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    What surface is this?

    Yes, it is synthetic grass, aka astro-turf, with a layer of sand on it. It was common in the late 1980s and 1990s in Australia. And, made a brief appearance in USA. I lived in Australia in 1993-94 and joined a neighborhood club with this type of court. Ken Roswall endorsed them and I think...
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    Two handed backhand. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    2 handed backhand is very similar to FH but not 100% the same. Yes, you should drive the power from legs and core rotation. This isn't new either. Connors, Evertt, Borg and all the 2 handers used hip and shoulder rotation to drive the shot. Look at the video below. They all lead with hips...
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    Should you still try to poach if your partner is much stronger than your opponent from the baseline?

    If you partner is a strong baseline and they don't come in, then you have the luxury of getting a little closer to the net - stay in the middle of the box or a little closer. Yes, look to poach any weak balls in the middle. If you partner hits a wide ball, then you should look for a DTL pass...
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    String aging during storage

    Store inside in climate control area. A cool dark closet inside your house and poly and other strings will last years. I do store my reels in large zip lock bags as an extra precaution but not sure if it is necessary. But, a zip lock bag is only a few cents, so why not?
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    Hostility on the courts since the reopening

    Me too. I have asked people to leave my court and wait outside the gate. It is tennis etiquette to wait outside the fence.
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    World class women players does not hit kick serves(?)

    Some WTA players don't hit great kick serves or any kick serves for that matter, but most do. Serena and Stosur both have great kick serves. Osaka and Pliskova are 2 that don't hit kick serves or at least not much kick. Sharapova never developed a great kick serve. Venus never had a great...
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    Hostility on the courts since the reopening

    I've noticed more players on the courts but so far everyone has been well behaved. No problems at all so far.
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    This teaching pro hitting 100 MPH forehand all the time ? with wilson and cheap racket ? Real ?

    A bad racket can hit a ball fast but it can also destroy your arm. I know. I played with some cheap wooden rackets when I was young while my racket was being strung and developed tennis elbow. Also, control is very important too.
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    Stick with full bed natural gut?

    yea, I would go up to 57-58 lbs as others have said. If that isn't enough control, try 16G gut mains at 56 lbs with a poly cross at 52 lbs.