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    Return Strategies - Your Best and Worst

    against decent 1st serve or exceptional 2nd serve, just get it back. Preferably to a good spot - deep for singles or low and CC for doubles. Conti grip for slice is ok, or compact flatfish block, or even a lob. Just get the damn thing back. against a moderate 1st serve or 2nd serve; use...
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    How long do you hold the Racket with your off hand?

    Not long enough is my answer. I've been playing 40+ years and still struggle with pulling the off arm out too soon. I do tend to take the racket back to prep with off hand on the throat but I sometimes drop and pull it in to the off side of my body too soon.
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    Use continental grip on every shot

    If i went vegan, I would be angry instead of nice. To answer the question, I think it is rare to win at 4.0 level without at least a good topspin forehand. Overwhelming majority of 4.0 level players can at a minimum hit a decent topspin forehand when they have time and aren't pressured. Going...
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    Need a shrink

    I think your statement is generally accepted here on TT but not sure if it is true. Again, I sat courtside and watched McEnroe completely frustrate the Argentine team in Davis Cup doubles with his return and he hit a touch of underspin on almost every return. But, you could have taken a tennis...
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    I'm Addicted . . . to Old Style Gear

    No, I don't play the old stuff, but good luck with your health and tennis. I like the modern stuff with a bit of classic vibe. My 2 favorite rackets are the volkl v-feel 10 295 weighted up a bit and the Wilson Clash Tour weighted up a bit. The volkl is a thin beam control racket and is...
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    This is the second golden age of tennis

    I think late 70s to late 80s were the best even though I think Federer, Nadal and Djoko are as good or better than that generation. The thing that kills current tennis is the failure of the younger players to dethrone Federer, Nadal and Djoko. I don't buy into players are fitter and playing...
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    Need a shrink

    Annacone and McEnroe both hit a lot of slice off both sides. I had a teammate years ago that played very solid 4.0 and he sliced 99%. If you go in a lot it helps
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    I don't know my opponent has 1HBH or 2-, after a whole match!

    Pay attention. After 2 or 3 games, you should have a feel for how you opponent plays and which tactics to use
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    Racquet face facing the ground just before hitting the ball on the forehand...pros and cons??

    Another thread to screw up games. The racket face is closed during take back and loop to forward. If you watch closely, the face opens as you pull the racket forward. Most pros hit with a slightly closed to perpendicular face at contact. Lots of potential to screw up your game if you...
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    My brother and I playing some points. Guess our level

    Solid 3.5. 3.0 is too low and 4.0 is too high. After a few seasons at 3.5, you could move up. Play some doubles too as both net games need work.
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    How many times did Fed shank a groundstroke in Wimbledon Final?

    who cares. all I know is if he had served and volleyed on either match point, he would be Wimbledon champion.
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    There is no better racquet then the Wilson RF 97a, won't you agree?

    rf97a is a very solid racket but not my personal fav. I like some mass but it is a bit on the heavy side for me. feel is good but not my favorite either.
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    Heavy vs light.

    I am 62 and racket is a smidge under12 oz, SW325-330 and 8 HL. Plays well for me. If you like the POG, then use it. They are solid rackets and you can certainly play great with them. If you want to go lighter, the Yonex Ezone 98 or 100, Volkl 8 series and Wilson Clash would be worth a demo...
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    Artificial Grass with Sand Surface...

    It was really popular in Australia. Ken Roswall endorsed it.
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    Artificial Grass with Sand Surface...

    I played on it many times around 20 years ago. I am not a fan. Foot work is difficult. A quick change in direction usually results in a slide. Depending on how much sand they use, the speed can vary. I like clay but not a fan of the sand/AstroTurf.