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    Nalbandian is a better tennis player than Federer

    He should have stuck with low fat women.
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    Video: Two league championships, 3.5 and 4.0

    Looks pretty typical to me. The 4.0 guy in blue is flat footed on the return he should do a split step.
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    "Swing" Tennis App

    ACE hardware has tennis balls too.
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    "Swing" Tennis App

    My experience with meetup groups is 3.0 mainly with some 3.5. You find very few 4.0 and no 4.5s. It’s mainly doubles if you want to meet people it’s a good group. It depends on how serious you are about the game. If your area has a flex league try that. Some cities have a great city tennis...
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    Doubles: The more aces you serve, the more you will lose

    I more or less agree. In doubles it’s effective if you can hit both 1st and 2nd serve equally with heavy slice or spin. Most of the serves will be returned but not for winners so your partner has to be aggressive at the net.
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    How High is my Ceiling? (Can I get to USTA - 6.0? LONG)

    What sticks out with OPs post is he seems to go up in level when he steps away from the game. So my suggestion is to lay off for a year and your game will get even better.
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    4.0 still full of pushers

    I don’t wanna be a 4.5. I wanna be like Fed “ ultimate pusher” that’s hilarious.
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    Borg vs McEnroe movie

    Lol I guess the commentators described it as fire and ice but not the movie title. Maybe that’s why I can’t find it.
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    Borg vs McEnroe movie

    Lol I haven’t seen a tennis movie ever that doesn’t have a couple of hackers trying to look like ATP players. It’s like a comedy. The closest I saw was the recent movie “Battle of the sexes” mainly because Riggs was an old man when he played BJK and looked like an out of shape club player. Emma...
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    Phrases or things people say that you don't like

    “Sweet” to state something they like. Got the job! Sweet! “Yuppers”when they agree with something. “It’s a hoot”
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    A Rant About Junior Tennis...

    I coached HS tennis for a few years. What the OP describes is fairly typical for a HS match. It was up to me to talk with a kid and encourage him. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I wasn’t sure if it did. The thing a coach has to keep in mind is each player has a different goal. A player looking...
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    Serve Toss Depth Into The Court

    I think it’s hard for the average Rec player to hit a serve 1 foot into the baseline. A reasonable toss would be for a slice and flat 6” forward from baseline and 6” to right or left of front foot. Topspin 6 “ into the court at around 12 o’clock.
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    I've Been Working On My Overhead . . .

    Well, you could practice the overhead. Just stand at the service line and toss the ball up and hit overheads. Eventually you’ll probably figure out what’s causing the overhead to misdirect.
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    Need help reaching the highest level possible in tennis

    Have fun with it. You might reach 4.5. Even if you don’t 4.0 is not bad. I would get a good coach if you’re really serious about going 5.0.