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    Does my pickleball experience mean I should switch to a one handed backhand?

    There is very little in pickleball that can be carried over to tennis. Pickle isn’t a hitting/rallying game. You basically want to dump the ball into the kitchen, right? Then it’s dink dink dink, there’s no rallying in that. Probably the reason your 1hbh is better in pickle is because of the...
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    Why can't I get lateral spin on my (tentative) kick serve ? (With video)

    I was watching a YouTube instruction video on the kick-serve and the instructor pointed out to let the ball drop as you hit the serve. Hitting the ball at it’s peak or too high doesn’t allow driving the racquet up for more kick. You seem to be hitting the ball when it’s too high. Just a thought...
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    Why do teaching pros insist on teaching spin serve esp to women?

    Aren’t you hitting a spin second serve?
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I play Pickle about once a week. Often it’s with people that have very little tennis background. This morning I smacked a backhand and the ball knocked the glasses of the opponent. Her glasses prevented injury. She was upset and accused me of head hunting. I apologized and explained the ball...
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    Obsessing over technique and never playing matches

    Maybe the guy can’t find good tennis partners that want to play sets. So he resorts to working on his game.
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    Rod Laver is everywhere. Was he this visible in tennis in the 70s, 80s, and 90s?

    Seniors travel if they have the money and able to do so. So he enjoys going to Grand Slams. Good for him, he is a senior that enjoys watching great tennis. And he’s also considered a GOAT by many.
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    What the defeat of Serena and Fed have taught the field this fortnight

    Both Fed and Serena are relatively young and still compete. They can retire and do what? Spend their time posting on this forum?
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    Serena Williams - US Open Final Preparation

    She’s just a member of the heads down generation.
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    Pickleball is spreading

    So, they can hit a high backhand volley to show off in front seniors, I guess. Same thing pickleball instructors that played 4.0ish tennis do when they teach seniors in pickleball. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pickleball is spreading

    You’re probably right I guess that’s a bad mark for U.S. tennis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I know you’re kidding Lol Pickkeball will not be an Olympic sport. It’s also boring to watch especially doubles. But, at the recreational level it’s attracting people of all ages, not just onesey twosey, but in herds. Again I’m not a fan of PB but that’s the trend, meanwhile tennis is fading...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I’m not a big fan of pickleball but I have to disagree that it’s only 55+ year olds. Just go be a spectator at a tournament and you’ll notice a lot of young people. Many have a tennis background. Whether we like it or not there’s a lot of excitement in pickleball. Yes I know it has a quick...
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    Pickleball is spreading

    Boring to watch. I can watch for 5 minutes. It’s the same pattern everytime. Dump into the kitchen and dink dink dink. PB doubles doesn’t require a lot of movement, the woman moves well enough. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pickleball is spreading

    You can beer or wine. Haven’t tried bourbon. You can also have quac and chips. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pickleball is spreading

    I’d yet to see a real topspin drive/lob in pickleball. Sidespin yes but not real topspin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk