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    ultra tour

    did wilson discontinue the ultra tour 97?
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    gravity pro stock?

    couple questions regarding the gravity pro. first is zverev actually using that model just in pro stock? also was this a pro stock racquet before its released to the public similar to the H19/ultra tour.. thanks
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    Murray PT57A2...

    Except the sixone 95....
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    Lucas Pouille limited 100P?

    No shot he's using a 100si. any idea what he is using?
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    Head's retail best racquets

    jeez ok mr boyscout
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    Head's retail best racquets

    18x20 blade
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    Wimbledon Picks who ya got

    Please don't call me baby, its just strange
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    Wimbledon Picks who ya got

    For him that's early ish lol
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    Wimbledon Picks who ya got

    Even with the early (ish) exit at RG?
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    Wimbledon Picks who ya got

    Post your favorites to win wimby this year! Add the reason for your pick, and debate if you disagree, GO!! My Pick: RF
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    Head's retail best racquets

    So the club I work at is sponsored by head, and they're trying to get me to switch from the blade to a head frame for promotion, which makes sense, any recommendations to demo head sticks?
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    New Head Racquet

    that'd be really helpful I've been talking to the head rep, and if its the same mold id definitely want to try it
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    New Head Racquet

    so its a re release? 100si right?
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    Nick Kyrgios underrated backhand

    lol hes 23 give him time