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    Can Tsitsipass win on Sunday?

    These "can he" questions are always pointless, imo. Of course he can. But will he, it's another question. If my life was at stake in this match, I would bet Djokovic in 3 or 4. But Tsitsipas has a chance of course. He has already beaten Djokovic twice, and the last 2 matchs on clay were epic...
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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    Is this the longest thread ever on this board? lmao. Congrats to Djokovic. What a great match it was.
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    What is common to both the women finalists at RG?

    They almost have the same ranking at the moment. #32 for AP, #33 for BK :)
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    Is this the best pair of major semifinal matches since the big 4 era?

    It's exactly the SF most fans expected. Medvedev was #2 but still not good enough on clay, Thiem was #4 but out of shape, a lot knew it wouldn't be Thiem-Medvedev. Zverev won Madrid and Tsitsipas won Monaco, so it's no surprise to see them in SF. With Federer and Rublev as the main seeds in QF...
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    Are there any real tennis lovers here?

    OldBalls I'm with you. I'm a tennis lover first. I admit I like Djokovic/Federer more than Nadal but I have huge respect for all 3. I enjoy plenty of other players a lot too. Love watching WTA tour. I usually ignore all the GOAT threads trashing players. I'm just here to discuss with tennis...
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    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    I want Djokovic in 5 but I think it'll be Nadal in 4. Similar score to the match against Schwartzman today. Djokovic takes the 2nd set, fierce 3rd set won by Nadal and easy 4Th set.
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    Greatest threat to Swiatek

    Krejcikova had 3 match points against her in Rome. And she hasn't lost a match since then. Won a tournement, and just crushed Svitolina and Stephens. The Swiatek/Krejcikova was outstanding in Rome, so I hope they face against in SF.
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    Could Pavs win Roland Garros '21?

    After 7 loss in QF she finally reaches her first SF and she is clearly favorite against Zidansek. the QF against Elena was a big match. I think she will be in final. But Swiatek/Krejcikova-Gauff would be favorite against her in a final. Most likely Swiatek, imo. So, I think Nastia loses in...
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    French Open semifinal schedule

    Still a mystery right now. The first SF (Tsitsipas-Zverev) will be around 3 pm I think. The big question is will the 2nd SF follow the first one (around 6 pm) or will it be a night session (8 pm with curfew at 11 pm) Imagine if the crowd must leave the stadium at 11 pm, potentially in the...
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    Has any player ever retired being a few points or games away from victory?

    Wozniacki in a match in Luxembourg 2009. First round I think. Was winnng 7-5 5-0 15-30 and retired. 2 points from victory. Thigh strain. Groenefeld (ankle injury) retired against Sharapova in Moscow 2005, at 6-1 4-2 in her favor...
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    2021 RG QF :- [3] Rafael Nadal vs [10] Diego Schwartzman

    Nadal in 3 but I am hoping for a night match. 6-4 7-6 6-3 if a night match, 6-3 6-1 6-3 if a day match. On the paper, Nadal schwartzman should beat Djokovic Berrettini, so I am positive it will be at night...
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    Pavlyuchenkova and Rybakina are in the QF of the Women's draw and Women's Doubles draw - as partners.

    Thanks for the info... Interesting. I hope Pavlyuchenkova wins this one. So many QF in Slams but never a SF, time to change that. Elena still has time, Nastia doesn't.
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    Azarenka stopped shrieking?

    She was still shrieking at the UsOpen last year. Not anymore I noticed. Not sure when that changed exactly....
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    Medvedev can easily become #1 without winning a slam

    Medvedev defends 90 points in Wimbledon to be correct. He lost in Round 3 against Goffin in 2019. He is scheduled to play Halle or Queen's for now, but let's see. He could withdraw if he plays semi or final. Yes, he'll have a big chance to become #1 after Wimbledon, he he plays well. However...
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    The most epic opening points to ATP matches ever

    No Grand slams here. I remember some epic opening points in GS matchs. USO 2010 final comes to my mind. Also remember a Hewitt match on grass, I think it was in Queen's. Best opening point I remember.