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    Can Federer Evolve?

    this is coming from a hardcore roddick/djoko fan: u guys really need to give fedman a break. i really dont think there was a winner in this years was the closest match in open era history. it was anyones game. after nadal beats himONCE at wimbledon in a match that could have...
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    i love the "desperate fame w h o r e" look at fed and nads
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    Tomic vs. Harrison

    i think this match would be awesome to see if their serve avged about 10 miles higher and their groundstrokes were as powerful as top ten men while they had the mentality of top ten men. i think this match will happen on a big stage in the future.. what do u think?
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    What happened to B. Becker??

    What ever happened to the man that sent Andre into retirement?
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    novak has been my favorite player since the 2006 fo where he mad the quarterfinals. when he wins the us open this year, i will be one of the ones who did not jump on the bandwagon but was driving it. i just wanted to get that out there:)
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    cool thought

    so the wimby consecutive record is 5 in a row and if im not mistaken the french record is 4 in a row. since fed couldnt get the record this yr, nadal wont get it next yr. because fed will take him out(or djok). i know this is pure coincidence but i just wanted to point it out lol:)
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    How to play and win against Nadal?

    there was this young man from serbia..
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    If you were Federer's coach what advice would you give him?

    get arrogance lessons from djoko-then go take on nadla and kick his ass
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    Where did Federer study tennis?

    u cant teach what he does
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    Rafael Nadal does NOT suck on hardcourts (here is why)

    *wishes for a nadal djoko final*
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    The Last Point of Wimbledon Match

    sucks a nut..but do the williams sisters do that? i meann...
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    Men & Women: Equal Prize Money [Merged]

    i hate womens tennis. it sucks..ill turn off the tv when it comes on cuz its so incredibly boring. if i have a daughter in the future and i want to teach her how to play tennis im gonna show her excerpts of nadal, fed, and djoko. not ivanovic and sharapova. men deserve more money cuz they...
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    Nadals Chances Of No. 1

    i think his chances are huge. if he does well at all the lead up tournaments and gets to the semis at us he should be make the barrier even lower to dethroning fed.
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    Roddick - What Do You Think Of His Chances?

    wtf..are u high. WTF ALMAGRO?!?!