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    One handed backhand players, favorite/best rackets?

    The best ohbh’s I’ve hit (both slice and topspin) have been with the Wilson Six One 90 (white one). :)
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    Dunlop cx200 16x19 users

    Ahh the CX 200. I was thinking the CX 200 Tour 16x19.
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    Which Tour 90 to Buy?

    Hmm tough one. I’d go with the latest one if you could. Or the cheapest one (in good shape).
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    To open or not open my unused replacement rackets?

    Option 2
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    Head Prestige MP 2020 compared to Head Prestige Pro 2022

    The new one has the SW bumped up “slightly” 323 to 325. It’s not much, but I think it will help with a little more power.
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    Highest Rated TW playtested racquets of All Time

    The Head 360+ Radical MP. Not super high, like the Project 17, but still inflated imo. I would imagine the Boom MP will also get an elevated score. Overall 86 Groundstrokes 85 Volleys 85 Serves 82 Returns 87 Power 83 Control 85 Maneuverability 83 Stability 85 Comfort 84...
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    Prince Twistpower X97 Tour thoughts?

    Ive tried the X100. Yes it’s light, but amazingly stable. It’s like no other racquet I’ve hit with. There’s a reason TW Jason chose it as his racquet of choice. They’re expensive and hold their value, so I haven’t picked one up yet.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Yep, the Pro is another story though.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Head Boom MP (lol)
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    Pure Drive Tour - Wow

    Im not sure. I’m just used to the FX and I’ve won some pretty hard matches with it. I guess I liked the way the FX feels slightly smaller.
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    CAP grommets on a Radical MP (18x20 95sq)

    The Cap grommets seem to work well with the graphene rads (not 18x20, but still available). I know Borges (Miss State) used a rad with cap grommets.
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    Head Prestige 2021

    Lots of SW on these.
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    Pure Drive Tour - Wow

    The PD plays better than the FX stock. The FX plays better than the PD modded. I added lead (2x1/4”x7”) from 10 to 2. I’ve tried weight in the handle but prefer it without. It’s still about 3-4 pts HL. The PD head feels a little wider than the FX.
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    New Babolats in 2022?

    There was a picture if it on here in another thread but it was taken down. Dark grey and red.
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    Congrats Team HEAD

    So the cost of materials in the new retail Heads is cheaper than in the PT layup?