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    Such lucky wow

    So you're saying he's not lucky?
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    Such lucky wow

    Honestly Nadal is very lucky: - plays lefty while everyone in the field plays with the right hand - balls hits the net it automatically goes to the other side and it's a winner for Rafa - started playing once poly strings helped developping baseline / grinding style - benefited from surface...
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    No excuses for rg organizers

    at least have it moved to southern france or even have it played in august it's always raining in june in paris: 11 freakin days of rain
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    USTA Chief Katrina Adams apologize Carlos Ramos for the US Open's Woman Final fallout.

    Worst moment in tennis history Really disgraceful stuff
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    It's an insult to compare Sampras to Djokovic

    "insult"... strong word I'd really would like to see Peak Sampras on the old USO courts vs ... anyone actually
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    The real thief

    Graf is still the superior tennis player: more class and talent, more repectable too
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    Umpiring of big matches needs to be done by 2 umpires on the court

    That's exactly the point... We are used to seeing Serena destroy racquets, bully umpires and start mind games with her opponents when she loses. Only hysterical SJW and the liberal media seem to excuse her lame and disgraceful behaviour. It's not about being a nice woman or a woman acting nicely...
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    Ramos should sue Serena and the WTA

    Even the previous line judges and umpires Serena had a beef with should sue her. There is clearly a pattern of bullying, physical and psychological threats, defamation.
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    The real thief

    This post is sexist. Why "female goat" and not a goat?
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    Ramos should sue Serena and the WTA

    I honestly think that he has a solid case. He was publicly ostracised for doing his job with a massive dose of defamation on the court from Serena and then from the wta.
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    What did Ramos say?

    " thank you jehovah god"
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    The real thief

    She was on a moral probation after 09 and 11 meltdowns. I guess many fans will start boycotting her.
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    The real thief

    The real thief was Serena. She was being destroyed by a 20 yo on her way to her first slam, then Serena displayed bad sportwomanship and destroyed her moment. Inexcusable behaviour also tarnishing womens efforts for real consideration and equality for their gender. Counter productive. Serena...