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    WTB: Wise 2086 Tension Head

    Looking for a Wise 2086 tension head... maybe you'd like to upgrade to the newest version and I can take your old one off your hands! Thanks!
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    Stringing natural gut...

    Hi guys, I'm a new stringer... just did job 10 today and really enjoying it. I'm working up to doing natural gut and had a specific and a general question. The specific question is about starting the crosses. I just cut out my old natural gut set that came from the pro shop. For the crosses...
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    Yonex QC

    I bought 3 VCorePro 310s from 3 different retailers over a month and they were all within 1 gram of each other... very happy.
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    Wanted: Tennis Stringing Machine - Fixed Clamp Drop Weight

    All set - thanks everyone!
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    Machine advice

    Thanks so much @hadoken! One of the challenges I've been having with my search is coming to terms with how well used machines hold their value. I've sold dozens of items on craig and the bay and haven't been able to sell anything for relatively close to the price of a new item like many of these...
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    Pro's Pro Challenger I vs Penta Premium Stringer 3600

    Unfortunately, don't have direct experience... as I was looking, I got scared away from the PS3600 by comments here about the inferiority of the clamps and advice to stay away from the European brands (Penta and Pro's Pro). I was bummed because they seemed like good value machines (and might be...
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    Pro's Pro Challenger I vs Penta Premium Stringer 3600

    Emailed "them" a couple weeks ago and they said the clamps on the PS3600 were not changing and they removed reference to the diamond coated clamps on the product description page. It's my understanding (could be wrong) that the diamond coated clamps are an upgrade...
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    Machine advice

    This community is great - thanks so much! Since @krisdrum mentioned it, what would you consider to be some deal breakers? Thanks!
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    Machine advice

    I know people constantly post asking for advice on a machine and I'm just one more but I'd love to hear from the forum. I'm interested in buying a relatively simple but high quality machine for family and friends. Probably only 5-8 racquets a month so don't want to go crazy. Had decided that a...
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    Wanted: Tennis Stringing Machine - Fixed Clamp Drop Weight

    Still looking - had one but fell through.
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    Gamma frequent stringer points

    I'm looking for an unwanted 5003... anyone have any leads?!?
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    WTB: Gamma X-2 Stringing Machine

    Looking for a used Gamma X-2 or equivalent - local pick-up in New England would be ideal. Email:
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    Problems with VCORE pros.

    I bought 3 over the course of 3 months from three separate retailers (to use demo credits) and they are all within 1 gram of each other with identical 4 3/8 grips. Others have said their QC was pretty good so I'm surprised to hear about variability but it's certainly possible.
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    Wanted: Tennis Stringing Machine - Fixed Clamp Drop Weight

    I'm looking to buy a used drop weight stringing machine with fixed clamps. I'll consider all offers but would rank my preferences as: Gamma X-Stringer X-6FC Gamma Precision II 602FC Alpha Pioneer DC Plus Any other drop weight with a fixed clamping system? I'm in New England so we will...