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    Bag vs Joh

    Im watching this live streaming and it really looks like Joh had recovered from his terrible eye injury. Joh really like to attack and get to the net. I really like his game.
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    Happenings in Cincinnati

    very cool. no pictures?? you cannot be serious!!!
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    Tecnifibre X-One biphase, Prince Synthetic Gut, or Wilson Sensation?

    exactly, shame on you poly pushers. x-1 and string savers and your arm will thank me do it or your arm dies
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    Are there any tennis games for PC?

    got it thanks
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    Sick of looking for strings! Go GUT?! But I'm POOR

    go with gut there is a titan 17.99 buck gut set you can try use string savers to make it last even longer i can also suggest technifiber pro mix, very soft and does not move technifiber x-one bio remember string savers will stop the string from moving as you hate that. im a 5.5 player and...
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    Are there any tennis games for PC?

    played on the computer or a game system why so vague?
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    Are there any tennis games for PC?

    there is really a game called tennis elbow? come on. on the computer or what?
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    I predict Gasquet will beat or go 3 sets with Federer

    i predict my puppy wants to eat your kitty
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    How do they make Grass slow?

    they can make the grass thicker and denser or anything inbetween to give diff results just like in golf some greens are fast and some slow same deal
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    Players being drug tested

    yesssssssssss usually after a tournament, a grand slam I think
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    Rios downs McEnroe and vows to stay unbeaten

    Marcelo Rios showed why he is the man to beat on the Merrill Lynch Tour of Champion by defeating John McEnroe 6-2, 6-4 to win his third consecutive title. The scoreline didn’t do justice to the competetiveness of a match that was played in front of a packed crowd, and often saw the American...
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    wow she looks like a lesbian
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    Are there any tennis games for PC?

    i dominate virtual tennis arcade
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    Awesome tennis pictures + photographs

    is he telling us how thick or long he is?
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    Rafa is an idiot

    big deal. you need to hit the water bong and relax. he said loud and clear that his uncle does not play for them anymore so now his fav team has changed. he is honest and thats refreshing. its just like when his uncle told in a press conf that he enjoys watching federer instead of nadal ...